5 Nature-Inspired Looks For The Fashionable Creature Within You


Every one loves nature and it’s beautiful when you get close to it. You feel blissful when you can enjoy the true serene beauty of nature. The solace you find in nature makes you wonder how powerful it is in this entire cosmos. The best way to flaunt your love for nature can be creatively done through fashion. Check it out yourself!

1. Peacock Love

peacock lovePeacock tie  Peacock sneakers     peacock dress

It would look amazing to wear a peacock t-shirt or sneaker shoes. A green colour tie with a peacock on it would look super chic on a black suit, giving you a different look. Even a dress of peacock feather pattern would look sexy enough for a party. And oh, the hipster look it would yield!

2. Leaf-y Wonders

leaf watch   tree watch   leaf gown  leaf trouser

A leaf watch can look so stylish on your wrist and graceful at the same time. A leafy gown would be perfect for an evening. To have a perfect summer holiday look, you can wear a pair of leafy trousers too. It emits such nice, cool vibes.

3. Blossoming Butterflies

Butterfly bun  Bracelet  butterfly coat  butterfly skirt

A butterfly bun can be so much fun. The easiest thing to do can be to make a messy bun and put butterfly hair pins over it and it will even save your time. Adding a cute butterfly bracelet on your wrist can make you look gorgeous. A butterfly design coat will perfectly grace the night of any event and yes, a butterfly skirt can beat your heat this summer in style.

4) Paint A Rosy Picture

rose ring paint a rosy picture  rd9010_02_f_1000x1500_1

Roses just make everything look oh-so-elegant and classy. We are totally digging this Blooming Rose Ring from Forever 21. You could carry a gorgeous dress too, with rose embellishments on it or if you want to go formal and try out ethnic wear, then this saree should do the trick just right!


5) Show Yourself Some Celestial Love

moonmoon tee  sun teecelestial love

Different rings look good on various occasions. Wearing a gold or silver, sun or moon pattern ring will give your fingers a beautiful grace. What about  a simple moon tee which can look cool over shorts or rugged jeans and can make you look hot at the same time? A sun t-shirt with vibrant colours can do spiritual wonders too! And certainly, we are totally craving this Sunshine Tank Top for the style, the quote and obviously, the glam!

So, as you see, bringing nature and fashion together can add a lot of glam and style to your look. You can show  your hidden personality traits and love for nature too. Pick something up, go for it and create your own look!

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