5 Reasons Why You Should Swear By The Good Old Chyawanprash

Come a change in seasons, many of us have to go through an almost never-ending series of annoying breakouts, dull skin, running nose, headaches, bone-breaking bodyaches and an overall damaged body functions. Though, it is true that a lack of immunity is the root cause of all these problems and seasonal change is merely the triggering element here. For such issues, you may use as many chemicals as possible but unless your body is healed from within, these nightmares will keep coming back. To eradicate the evil from its roots, you can thus always rely on Ayurvedic treatment! Natural ways of healing your body are never harmful and help in regaining your body’s lost vigour and immunity from the core.

One such Ayurvedic treatment can be meted out through the good old Chyawanprash! Yes, that gooey-sticky thing which our moms and grandmoms forced us to eat in winters almost religiously! It seems that we should not have actually stopped eating that awesome food! Don’t believe us? Read on and let us convince you to pick that spoon and gobble up some chyawanprash:

1. It’s Purely Natural



This has to be the first and foremost reason why you should prefer eating some chyawanprash over any chemical-based supplement. Chyawanprash is perfectly natural and its ayurvedic content adds to its wonderful qualities. The combination of most beneficial herbs and plants make chyawanprash the best super food that has ever existed. Being au naturale, it has almost negligible side-effects!!

2. Because It Cleanses Your Skin From Within


cleanse skin from within ayurveda chyawaprash

As much as the many beauty cosmetics commercials would want you to believe that only creams can help you cleanse your skin and give it a bright apple glow, it could not be farther from truth! Ladies, we have always been telling you-what goes inside, reflects outside! Chyawanprash has amla, vitamin C and many more minerals and vitamins which are absolutely amazing for the skin. Chyawanprash can do wonders for your skin naturally and you do not even have to pop up some toxic pills or apply some high-in-chemical creams!

3. Gorgeous Hair Is Here


gorgeous hair is here Ayurveda Chyawanprash

Chyawaprash is highly rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants can work their magic on your hair in no time and help you gain a Rapunzel-mane in no time. Antioxidants also work well for any kind of hairfall that comes up with a change in season. The antioxidants also help in keeping your nails bright and strong. So, with just one spoon rich in Ayurveda and you can bid adieu to brittle hair and nails!

4. To Tackle All Period Problems



Almost every other friend or sister of ours suffers from some or the other kind of period problem. Be it the clinical PCOD or the usual irregularities in the menstrual cycle, the current lifestyle has ruined our periods to a certain extent, for sure. The over-the-counter drugs make them even worse and have serious side-effects on our body. To deal with all the monthly woes, consuming one nice spoon of chyawanprash can be a great idea. It has herbs that help in improving sexual prowess too, BTW!

5. Because You Have Some Social Responsibility


social responsibility chyawanprash ayurveda

So, our friends at Dabur, have signed a historic MoU with Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to promote sustainable cultivation of medicinal plants in the most difficult terrain in the world, none-other-than our amazing and wonderful Leh! This MoU is aimed at helping the farmers in the hilly areas of Leh, Ladakh. So, basically, if you just have some of this awesome chyawanprash by Dabur, then you would not just be helping yourself but the underprivileged farmers as well! If that is not reason enough, we don’t know what is!

Ladies, wait no more and grab a jar of this wholesome Ayurvedic wonder by Dabur here.

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