5 Things You Need To Pair This Summer

1. Dress With Canvas Shoes


Don’t feel like wearing your towering heels with your dress for that Saturday night party? Fret not. Get comfy in canvas shoes. If your dress is a simple one, opt for a funky pair of canvas shoes, and the other way round. Our current faves are the basic white ones from Converse. Canvas shoes would look great with casual dresses, but if you’can pull it off with a formal one, nothing like it. Experiment. It’s the only way to be!

2. Crop Top With High-Waist Jeans

high waist jean

We’ve all raved about low waist jeans. We’ve all gone crazy about flaunting that waistline. However, high waist jeans are doing the rounds again. Aping the 90s look, high waist jeans and crop tops look so cool. Wear your faded, washed out denims and pair it with your favourite crop top. Old-school is so in!

3. Shorts With Gladiators


These supremely cool shoes that go riding up your ankles and calves don’t always go with everything. You are dying to wear them with your jeans, but you can’t because your jeans are too long. Fitting that stuff in would be a pain. This summer, pair your tiny shorts with gladiators. They’ll look much better on bare legs, and you can give the hot weather a good miss, because they’re practically open.

4. Blue With Blue

blue on blue

So black and black has been done to death. That’s a classic that’s really never going to go out, but then it can get boring sometimes. Instead, try blue and blue this summer. It could be contrasting shades of blue, or even exactly the same as in denim-on-denim. The best thing about blue-on-blue is that everyone owns a pair of denims. It’s effortless and quick. Anytime you’re out of options, you know what to pick.

5. Black With Metallics


Metallics are totally trending this year, and in our honest opinion, they’d go best with black for evening wear. LBDs are the most common fashion items in any girl’s wardrobe. And if you’re a sucker for metallics, you’re in luck. Or you could just forget all about the LBD, and mix and match your way!

This does not go to say you can’t experiment and pair with other things. But with this, you’re going to be a trendsetter. Happy pairing, ladies!

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