5 Tips on What to Pack to Dubai

Dubai, the City of Gold, is definitely a must see for those who want a taste of the luxurious life. As a resident of Dubai, I’m quite experienced in packing for trips between Bangalore and Dubai. This post should help you pack well for your trip to the city that’s as luxurious as it is historical.

1. Pack light, yet stylish.

pack light
Although Dubai is quite easy to navigate, you’d be happier with a lot less luggage on your person. That doesn’t mean you need to stick to the basics to reduce your luggage. Dubai is bustling with thousands of well dressed people, and being there, you’d want to dress well too.

2.Shorts and skirts are a yes.


Contrary to expectations, Dubai is quite open when it comes to dressing, with the exception of some areas. Don’t be afraid to pack your shorts and skirts- you’ll need it when the weather gets warmer, which it will! Pick light summery fabrics and prints so you’ll always be comfortable. Keep in mind that when visiting more conservative areas and mosques, you will be required to cover your head, cover your shoulders and knees out of respect. Pack one or two outfits accordingly.

3.Pack swimwear.
 black swim
Dubai beaches are some of the best in the world, so make sure you’ve got some trendy swimwear packed, whether you plan to dive into the waters, or simply lounge on the beach. Bikinis, monokinis and regular shorts style swimsuits are accepted, so you can sport them without fear. Pack a sarong or summer dress to throw over your swimsuit when you’re done for the day.

4.Sunscreen is essential.


Especially during the summer months of July and August, you’re going to need as much sunblock as you can get, and with the highest SPF too. Keep the sunblock in your bag so you can apply it on the go. Sunblock with SPF 30 or higher is recommended. If you’re visiting in the other months, a lower SPF is alright.

5.Pack comfortable yet trendy shoes.

I’m sure you’d love to sport your swanky heels in this beautiful city, and you will. Just make sure they’re comfortable, because wherever you go, there’s at least a little bit of walking to do. Of course, you’ll need to remember that you’re going to the city with the biggest malls in the world, so you’d be glad you’re wearing comfortable footwear. Sandals, Birkenstocks, Converse and flat combat boots will do very well. Swap those for pencil heels and stilettos for a night out at Dubai famous nightclubs.

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