5 Top Trends Which Caught Our Eye This Summer!

Summer has always been the season of endless trends as we just can’t get enough of fashion statements which grabbed our attention every second day. It has always given us a chance to step out during the heat and yet look as fabulous as ever. The following trends definitely rocked this summer as celebrities and models adapted them too which again created a huge impact and I’m sure every fashionista can relate to each one of them.

1. Denim on Denim

Dakota Fanning

I guess we all were totally wrong when we thought we shouldn’t double up our denim and break the fashion rule but this trend changed it all for us and made it worth a try . Many celebrities and models took a pride in adoring this trend such as Cara Delevingne,Rihanna,Dakota Fanning and Kendall Jenner. The secret to this styling balance can be acquired by wearing a light colored denim shirt and pairing it with a dark colored denim jeans or even a denim short skirt can be paired with a light colored denim top as styled by Dakota Fanning in the look.


2. The Kimono

Jessica Alba in a kimono

When you thought there’s nothing left than your usual boring outfits that’s where “THE KIMONO” trend comes up to give your outfit a whole new fabulous look . It’s a “MUST” for your wardrobe as it makes your outfit more trendy. The best part of a kimono is it can be styled with almost every pair of clothing whether a dress or a pair of tshirt/top with shorts/skirt and its not just for casual wear as you can always style the plain non printed ones for office wear as its a great alternative to a blazer. It can be worn for almost every occasion such as party wear, office wear or even beach wear. We have a perfect example to how Jessica Alba pulled off a Floral Kimono this summer in the sexiest way possible as beach wear.


3. The Slit

Angelina Jolie

Yes, we are talking about the slit skirts and dresses which gave us the best combination of a classy and casual look. We just can’t deny the amount of attention this trend grabs as it has been ruling the fashion industry since forever whether we are talking about the retro season or modern times. You can always get a casual look by styling a long/short slit skirt with a crop top or even a shirt on the other hand for party wear you can always put on a dress with a slit and BAM! You’re ready to go.Its amazing how the slit trend makes dressing up so easy and effortless as you can see how Angelina Jolie looks so glamorous in this simple black tube slit dress grabbing all the attention away in just one look


4 . Maxi Tops

Kendall Jenner

We can’t deny that these tops are again inspired from the slit trend and YES THEY DEFINITELY RULED THIS SUMMER. Its ranges from giving you a casual look for a lunch, a designer look for a wedding or even a party look depending on the fabric and the pattern. This trend is perfect if you are done with wearing the same old dresses or gowns to parties and day outs then there is no better way out than styling yourself in a Maxi Top which will definitely catch everybody’s attention . We surely can’t get over the way Kendall Jenner has styled this white maxi top as it can’t look more elegant and classy at once:


5 . And BOYFRIEND JEANS of course

Boyfriend jeans

The ever-trending Boyfriend Jeans have always been in the “Must-have” section. They may look all baggy but if styled properly they look pretty cool and fancy. Girls styled it in various ways for example with a Peplum top for a fancy party look or with a floral top to give it a feminine touch and for a super casual look one can always pair it with a crop top along with sneakers to get the perfect summer look . You can always add a pair of sunglasses to the look to get your swag on and hit the roads the next summer.


These five stylish trends are surely the ones which hit the list this summer and might as well continue till next summer as trends never end ,they revolve and come out in a new form so we can always stay fashionable till then lets just gather up all our hoodies and sweaters because WINTERS ARE COMING!

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