5 Amazing and Trendy Ways to Flaunt Your Bra Without Being OTT

What makes the world think a bra is meant to remain under your clothes? It is called intimate wear because it is meant to adorn your intimate parts not because they are meant to remain secret or private! There are myriads of trendy ways to flaunt your bra and hear the Oh-my-god-gasps loud and clear when you walk all the way with your chin high up. That’s the advantage of being bold and classy. You are hot and you know it! Since you have decided to flaunt your bra anyway, don’t you want it to look a little edgy? Here are five ways to flaunt your bra and steal all the stares.

1. Wear a See-through to Flaunt your Bra

Wear a See-through to Flaunt your Bra

See-through tops are one of the most sexiest ways to naively flaunt your bra. You could match the color of your bra with the top, go floral if you like, wear a loud one if that’s what you want to show, or think of a nude shade. Either way, your see through is the most bra-friendly dress you can ever think of. You could think of a matching seamless bra for a classy look, a tough sports bra for an athletic look or a floral bra for a bright sunny day funky look. If athletic is your kind, try this Padded Sports Bra in Green with a plain white or black sheer top. When the bra that you show off is sexy, no one can stop you from pulling off a chic see-through outfit.

2. Off the shoulders, one side shoulder, or topless?


These are the best kind of dresses where you could flaunt bra straps. The ‘strappier’ your bra, the sensual it is. There are loads of straps out there to experiment with. You could go for a single color or match it up with multiple colors and give an extra oomph to your otherwise dull look. Haven’t you ever bought a gorgeous bra and not said this to your bra -“Oh baby, why do you have to hide in here? You look so lovely. I wish I could show you off!” This is exactly when these kind of dresses come in handy. It is not just the straps that you get to show off. If you want to portray a more tough and boisterous look, then think of a dark leathery choker for your bra. Try this High Neck Cage Bra for your zesty topless look. 

3. Show them your back!


You don’t have to think of transparent straps, adhesive cups or nude bras for that backless top or the low neck halter lying in your wardrobe anymore. It is backless for a reason. Show it to your heart’s content. Again, it could be a simple matching bra, or a printed outlandish one that is announcing its presence, or even a sporty bra under a halter or a low neck tank for that jaunty look. When you want to flaunt your bra with a backless, that is when you can fall in love with the convertible bras and the straps that come with it. Arranging the straps of your convertible or the multi way bra in a crisscross way to show it off would only look bold without appearing too rebellious.

When the straps get trendier, like in a caged bra or a in multiple back strap bra, they look more than just ordinary and doesn’t make it look like a fashion blunder. A racerback bra is one of the options you could try when you want to wear a bra that shows in a backless outfit. Whatever you are coupling it with, you are sure to have people talking behind your back and envying your glam quotient. Try this Pretty Back Bra for that jaw dropping sensual look.

4. Flaunt the lace – pull your top all the way down!


All your deep necks can enjoy the company of your laces and bows. It is never old fashioned for laces and bows. All those pleasant pinks and lovely lilacs that pop in your mind when it comes to laces – you don’t have to hide them under your dress anymore. Let them gracefully peep out of the neckline of your top. There you go with another trendy way to flaunt bra and increase the beauty quotient of your plain simple top. Have a look at this Red Halter Style Bralette. This one peeping from your neckline will give that perfect sultry touch to your simple deep neck tops. 

5. Unzip!


Another attitudinizing way of bragging your luxe bra is to wear it underneath a casual shirt or a blazer or even a jacket and of course unbutton it completely or till your bra peeps out as much it wants to. You could wear a bandeau or a balconette under a blazer depending on how you want your bust to look. Can there be a more contemporary touch to the concept of a formal shirt or a blazer? I guess not. This Black Fringed Bra from Forever 21 looks tailor made for a bra-under-the-blazer look.

There is no end to experimenting if you manage to forego taboos and rules. Who knows wearing a sports bra with a plain chiffon saree or just wearing the damn bra with a pair of jeans or a high waist flowy skirt  might be the next biggest trend! Whether it is – a sexy sheer, or a braggy backless, a trendy tank or a saucy shirt, you know where to pull it down, and where to pull it up assertively. Flaunt your bra without that apologetic oh-god-it-is-showing look and rather, with the more powerful oh-I-KNOW-it-shows look!

When in doubt, flaunt your bra, women!  

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