5 Unique Gift Ideas For Bhai Dooj

He is your buddy, your confidante, your advisor and what not. You know no matter how annoying he might be, he will always be there for you whenever you need him. He is your brother, after all! And when you have one day to celebrate the relationship that both of you share, why not make it extra special by giving him something that he would absolutely love? Check out the list below as we bring to you 5 unique gift ideas for bhai dooj!

1. Weekend Getaway

Getting material things is easy, but why not try and gift him something that will create longlasting memories for both of you? Get your brother a fully arranged weekend getaway trip that both of you can enjoy. You know you’ve been wanting to catch up with him for so long! Alternately, you could also get him this Make My Trip’s gift card for an easier and more flexible plan.

2. Netflix Subscription

If you are a bit tight on budget and cannot afford to spend multiple bucks, get your brother a Netflix subscription. Not too heavy on the pocket, this is one of our personal fave amongst all the unique gift ideas for bhai dooj! (And guess what? You too can use the subscription!)

3. Passport Holder

Have one of those wanderlusty kind of men for a brother, we’ve got the perfect and yet unique gift ideas for bhai dooj. A passport holder is an apt choice for the brother who loves to travel. This way, wherever he’ll go, he’ll carry a piece of you along. We love this passport holder by Qrioh!

4. Grooming Kit

Why should girls have all the fun? We mean with the grooming business. Your brother’s beard needs as much nourishment and care as your hair. Head on this bhai dooj by gifting him a luxury grooming kit for a well-maintained look.

5. Amazon Echo

amazon echo

Your brother probably has the habit of ordering you with each and every task of his. Why not take this opportunity and shift the workload onto Amazon Echo? While Alexa might not be able to fetch him a glass of water, but can play his favourite songs, manage the room’s lights and also indulge in some playful (sometimes, creepy) banter.

We are sure that your gifting anxieties are a bit curbed now by these unique gift ideas for bhai dooj. Remember, whatever you gift, don’t forget to dash it generously with your sisterly love!

Happy Bhai Dooj!

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