5 Unusual Gifts To Give Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s is almost here, many of you may be looking for ideas as to what exactly to gift your bae that they’ll love but something that’s also unique. Most of us are tired of giving or receiving the same repeated gifts over the years, so why not try something off-beat this year? Here is a list of five cool and unusual gifts to surprise your man with on this Valentine’s day!

1. Brooch pin

Brooch pins have been all-time classics since forever so why not surprise your loved one with a spectacular one-off piece of gift? Online stores like etsy offer a wide range to choose from, from festive to minimal. No doubt, brooches are for sure a classy add-on to the outfit and your partner would be more than grateful to receive one. Invite him over to Netflix and chill and have the best time of your life!

2. Formal accessories

If your man is over the top formal and takes his office wear seriously then formal wear accessories are the best presents for you to try out this year. Look for some unique ties, bow ties, pocket squares or cufflinks and well, you’re all sorted to impress the love of your life!

3. Leather bag

We all love to travel and what even more than that? Travel bags, of course! So, this Valentine’s, why not surprise your man with a quirky leather travel bag? They’re too good to be true, handy and classy, all at the same time,and probably the best kind of gift this season.

4. Hand gloves

Gloves are rare to come to your mind when you are thinking about Valentine’s gifts for men but they’re important assets for guys who love being outdoors. Hand gloves are one of a kind gift to give your man this year if he loves outdoor activities, athletics, riding bikes or adventure sports.

5. Leather bracelet

Bracelets are common but they come with life long sentiments. You may have the cheesy movies to blame but engraved bracelets are taken as a token of love to be cherished life long. This year may be give your man a reminder of your love by tying a lovely leather bracelet on his wrist and celebrate your togetherness.

Whoever said finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for men was difficult, clearly didn’t try enough!

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