5 Ways To Make Your Long Distance Valentine’s Day Romantic

Love knows no boundaries, then why let a few kilometres come in between you and your love this Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year and you simply cannot disagree with that. While we are all up for celebrating your love each and every day of the year, but a day specially dedicated to love makes us go weak in the knees, like nothing else. For our long distance couples, Valentine’s day can bring in a bit of sadness as well because who likes to stay away from their munchkins! More so when the entire world is immersed in hues of red. Well, worry not ’cause we have some really cute ways to make your long distance Valentine’s day romantic!

1. Package Full Of Love

Valentine’s day and gifts go hand-in-hand. Why not add your personal touch to it and send bae a care package of sorts? You could add some handmade chocolates or even make a bar of soap for them, so that they can feel you right beside them. Put in all the things that would remind them of you. You could also add a picture of you two for some aww moments!

2. Now You See Me

While you cannot see each other in person, unfortunately, you can make use of this extensive technology that we have today. Select a time that suits both of you and have a romantic face time/video call date! You could amp up the ambience around you to create a cosy feeling. You could also order same dishes to eat for a more personal touch.

3. Write A Note

Write them a love note, and when we say “write”, we don’t mean “type”. The way a handwritten letter speaks is absolutely out of this world. The surreal feelings that come attached with a handwritten note cannot be matched by an email or a text message. Don’t forget to spray your favourite perfume all over the letter so that they can smell your beautiful fragrance! You could even seal the envelope with a kiss! *wink wink*

4. Dirty Dancing

There might be a hundred miles between you and the love of your life but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some saucy fun this Valentine’s day! Thanks to the techie wonders of today, send your lover a raunchy picture of you in some sexy lingerie and watch them drool. Turn on your webcams and have a fun play date, if you know what I mean!

5. Surprise, Surprise!

This may not always be possible with a long distance couple but if you can, then go and give bae a surprise visit! Nothing would cheer them up like seeing you in person! Put on your nicest outfit, do up your hair, get a pretty gift and just ring their doorbell. Best Valentine’s Day EVER! Our guarantee!


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