5 ways to wear your denim shirt this summer!

We all have that ages old denim shirt buried somewhere in the back of our cupboards, well it’s time to dig it up this season as denim is back and here to stay. In my opinion denims in any form are the most versatile pieces of clothing one can own. It can be dressed up or dressed down to suit your taste. There are a million ways to work with a denim shirt, wear it casual or wear it formal, there’s something for everyone. However, the major tip while styling denims is that we must be careful with colours, we want to compliment the denim and not oppose it. So my major tip would be to wear darker colours with lighter denims and vice versa. Also, while pairing two denims together always remember to never try and match the colour of you denim shirt and denim jeans as that isn’t humanly possible and the only way of achieving this is by physically tailoring an outfit of the same and looking like a clown. In this post I am going to address 5 ways of wearing a denim shirt to fit this season.

  1. Let that denim bloom!

You know those pretty floral brassieres or crop tops or sheer tops that you don’t want to wear because it shows too much skin or are just bored of wearing them? Well worry no more, put on a denim shirt on top, roll up those sleeves and button up the last few buttons, style it up with your favourite maxi skirt or zipper pants and you’re good to go. Jazz it up with some aviators and a top knot.

You can always wear a skater skirt and tuck in your denim shirt too, pair them with some wedges and you’ll be grabbing compliments the entire day.

Let that denim bloom!

  1. Back to the basics.

I think everybody is aware of the white shirt-denim trend. Pair your favourite loose white tee or any white tank top with your denims and jeggings (dark colours preferentially) and you’ll look A-okay to walk out the doors. Do not forget to wear your sneakers/converse and some cute rings to finish up your look.

Back to the basics


  1. Classy but not trashy!

Nope you’re absolutely wrong if think denims scream casual. All women out there who need some change in your office wardrobe here’s your answer: Go full on out with a denim shirt. Sounds ridiculous right?

Here’s how to:

Button your denim shirt completely till the collar, bring on your favourite blazer and cuff you blazer sleeves along with your denim sleeves till your comfortable length(a loose blazer would work the best!) Wear you dark shade formal pants and if your denims are dark wear lighter shade trousers. Add a statement necklace right below the collar and add some nude stilletos and voila we present you the chic office girl.

Classy but not trashy   Classy but not trashy

    4. Flares, flares and flares!

Got a skater dress that you’ve worn too much and are scared to repeat? Do not fear as your magic of denim is here. Wear your denim shirt as a jacket, cuff the sleeves and tie the bottom of your denim shirt to create an illusion of a short shrug. Wear your favourite pair of booties and keep your fair in beach waves to complete the look and seal in the perfection of the outfit.

Flares, flares and flares


  1. Dress to impress. (How pun-tastic!)

Ever wondered what to do with an over sized denim shirt? Wear it as a dress ofcourse!

Yes you’ve seen it right, wear a block shade tank top and booty shorts(to avoid exposing) , wear your denim shirt on the top and button it up all the way to the top and get a skinny belt and cinch it at the stomach to define your curves. Cuff the sleeves of the denim shirt, add an ear cuff to your ear and a statement necklace under your collar. Hit the streets with a new dress from an old shirt.

Dress to impress

I hope these tips help you into the season of summer with more ease and you’ve found more ideas to jazz up your old denim t-shirts or compelled you to go and buy one!

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