6 Amazing Ways To Light Up Your Room Using Fairy Lights!

Have you ever felt that your room looks plane Jane? Want your room to have that dreamy, disney   like look. Here is the answer- Fairy lights!!! They say every person has a kid within. By adding some lights to your room, you never know! You may discover that kid within and rejoice life a little more. So here are some amazing ways to incorporate fairy lights in your room.

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1. Light up your bedpost with quotes

fairy lights and quotes

After a tiresome day, wouldn’t  it fell great when your favourite piece of motivation is smiling back at you, all bright and shiny. Just stick a piece of your best motivational quotes onto your bedpost and surround them by some gold serial lights and watch the magic unfold.

2. Bottle-it-up !


Wealth from waste! Just collect some old glass bottles, add lights of different colours into them, line them up and voila! you have just given your room a makeover!

3. Marquee Signs

marquee sign and fairy lights

Want your room to reflect who you are? There is the perfect solution- Make your marquee signs and stick some led lights onto them. Space is not really a constraint for these signs, so go ahead and  make some quickly!

4. Photo-lights!

photo light

You must be wondering Photos and lights ?! What?! But photos and lights just make the perfect combo. You can cherish your most treasured moments by sticking them up on your wall and decorating them with some dazzling lights of your choice.

5. Fairy-trees

fairy trees

Collect some spooky looking branches, attach some serial lights in pure gold or silver and put it at at your bedside. You are sure to be amazed by the glamour and sparkle this will add to your room.

6.  Wind-chimes inspired decor

wind chimes

Wind chimes bring in luck and prosperity they say! So why not make them brighter with the help of fairy lights? Take the basic structure of wind-chimes as the backbone and throw some colour and sparkle into it. Let your imagination go wild!

So there you go, you now have a room which you have always dreamt of!

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