7 best places for street shopping in India!

As much as we love shopping in malls, flea markets and street shopping will never lose their charm. The variety and volume of products that you will find on the streets is way more than what you’ll find in a swanky designer store. Also, street shopping is a great place to hone your bargaining skills.

In India, almost every city has streets which are lined with make-shift stalls, selling almost all the products under the sun. While some markets are exclusively meant for clothing and fashion accessories, others offer more variety. This post will give you a round-up of some of the famous street shopping spots in India.

1. Colaba causeway, Mumbai:


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colaba causeway clothes

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Colaba Causeway is your fashion fix when you are craving for a Bohemian makeover. The sheer volume and variety of clothing and accessories that you will find here will make your head reel. I remember the first time I went shopping here, I couldn’t decide which way to look! And if you’re tired from all the shiny distractions around you, hop into the famous Leopold café or Café Mondgear to grab a bite.

2. Hill road, Bandra, Mumbai:

hill road jewellery

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Hill-Road clothing

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One of the best places for street shopping in Mumbai, Hill Road is located at the intersection of Bandra railway station road and SV road. It’s a Mecca for the all the shopping enthusiasts. You’ll find everything from jewellery, to footwear, to stylish clothes here. Some of the most famous stores here are-Fendi Femme for dresses, Riddhi Art Gallery for jewellery and Veronica for footwear.

3. Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai:

linking road shoes

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linking road jewellery

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linking road bandra

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Situated in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb, the place is literally CRAMPED with stand-alone stores and makeshift stalls offering you a multitude of goods to stock up your wardrobe in style. It’s mainly frequented by the college students. Trust me when I say you’ll find EVERYTHING here-clothes, bags, jewellery, footwear, you name it. And that too at throwaway prices! In addition to this, you’ll also find rip-offs and imitations of branded goods like MAC eyeliners and Maybelline kajal. They’re often so similar to the original ones that it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. So beware.

4. Crawford Market, Mumbai:

colourful lamps

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It’s not a market exclusively for fashion per se, but if you have the eye for it, you will be able to find out some really great stuffs hidden among the array of fruits, vegetables, plastic goods and household necessities. Crawford is the best place to find some really good “branded” perfumes at throwaway prices. And not just fashion-this place is a haven for exotic food as well- pastas, sauces, dry fruits including pink and green cashew nuts, chocolates, cheeses, oils and cookies from around the world are available here.

5. Chandni Chowk, Delhi:

chandni chowk Jewellery

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Chandni-Chowk clothing store

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Chandni Chowk, or as it literally means the “Moonlit square”, is a treasure trove of all things Indian- sarees, bridal lehengas, jewellery, footwear, etc. If you’re lusting over that one Sabya or Manish Malhotra design, but worried that it’ll burn a hole in your pocket, relax. You can get a replica of your favourite designer’s creation made here, at a much lesser price tag that too! In addition to all of this, the market also offers you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

6. Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi:

sarojini market jewelry

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sarojini market clothing store

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Situated in the south west district of Delhi, Sarojini Nagar tops the list of every Delhite who’s on a shopping spree, but is on a budget. It’s a treasure trove, brimming with the latest fashion in clothes, bags, jewellery and shoes. And I bet you won’t believe me if I told you that you can find your favourite Zara dress at one-fourth its original price in Sarojini Nagar market. But it’s true! International brands like Zara, Mango and GAP often reject an entire lot because of even the slightest defect, which ultimately  finds its way here. That’s how you get their “branded” garments at such cheap prices.

7. New Market, Kolkata:

kolkata new market bags

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new market kolkata

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In addition to Mumbai and Delhi, the City of Joy too has its fair share of street shopping hot-spots for the budget fashionistas, the most famous being New Market. It’s a sprawling maze of stalls offering an incredible variety of goods. There are over 2000 stalls selling a plethora of goods, both fashion and non-fashion. If you are looking for resplendent sarees, head to the Bombay Silk House, Dayaram & Co or Ghanashyam. Another must-visit store here is Pumposh, a Kashmir Shawl Emporium, which sells incredible Kashmiri finery. And if you tired from all the shopping, treat your taste buds to the delectable brownies, macaroons and pastries at Nahoum’s Rich Fruit Cake .

So girls, the next time you are in any of these cities, you know how to spend your time ;). And those who already live there, get your shoes on, and head out to the nearest street shopping destination and shop your heart out!

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