6 Cartoon Inspired Styles For The Kid Inside You!

Cartoons! It reminds us of our childhood. Most of our childhood revolves around them and do we forget them when we grow up? Nada!  Cartoons have an integral place in street style. It gives an edge and funky look to our outfits. They live with us as we live with fashion.We breathe life into them through our style.We may come upon a day when we have to leave this place but cartoons live through our style- immortal. So, let’s keep’em living!

Cartoon Inspired Styles       Cartoon Inspired Styles        Cartoon Inspired Styles

Here is a list of trends portraying popular cartoons with a dash of sassiness on fabric.

Mickey & Minnie mouse

Mickey & Minnie mouse  Mickey & Minnie mouse  Mickey & Minnie mouse

This a classic we all love. They are one  of the most recognizable characters all over the world. They are depicted as playful, friendly characters on screen. Sneakers, leggings, sweatshirts, beanies, bellies with the mouse print are highly popular. The one that became a rage were the cutesie headbands.


Barbie dress          Barbie print dress           Barbie dress

Think Pink? Think Barbie! Every girl’s dream doll. One girl’s pride was another girl’s envy. This sure had inspired the “pinkness” in every girl. Barbie printed clothing and stylized accessories were must-haves for every little  girl. Jeremy Scott’s label “Moschino” commemorated the iconic blonde hair and pink clothed doll for adults. And can we get enough of the gender neutral advertisement by the company for the same? Best thing about it :Barbie’s accessories come in sizes for all. Well, childhood memories everywhere!

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants     Spongebob Squarepants      Spongebob Squarepants

C’mon, who doesn’t remember this one? This is one crazy character we all relate with! Yellow sponge-y skin, light blue bubble-like eyes and rabbit teeth – epitome of childishness, who wouldn’t want this on their clothes?! Making its best bet, “Moschino” also showcased the sea sponge character on the ramp. Spongebob tees and pajamas are a rage!


Minions Minions Minions

Another yellow comic we love! No words for this one ! Portrayed as clumsy characters in the film “Despicable Me”, oblong-shaped, yellow in work uniform, they soon became the favourite among children who found its nonsensical language impressive and adults who wished to relive their childhood. No wonder it soon streamed its way through fashion, largely in the form of clothing as well as phone covers!

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty    Hello Kitty     Hello Kitty

Designed by Yuko Shimizu, Hello Kitty depicted the entry of Japan’s “cute” accessories and clothing into the world market. This character is recognized by its broad face and the big bow on its head. It’s childish, cute and seemed to “purr” through the hearts of girls and ladies, all around the world. Sooo kawaii !!!

Disney Princess

Disney Princess Disney Princess Disney Princess

“All your dreams come true” –  common quote for any Disney Princess! One of our amazing childhood fantasy – become a princess wearing a pretty embellished gown and riding away with the destined “prince charming”. Not to forget – “…and they lived happily ever after!” It was every girl’s dream to be a princess of her kingdom and the best way would be to dress up like them ! Since the highlight of each princess is her gown , we tend to see a lot of brides-to-be dressing up like their childhood idols. It’s not just them we love , we love the the storyline , the characters revolving around the heroines – So , it’s obvious that we’d love to wear anything that symbolizes the tale. And not to forget : thanking Disney for putting a magical spin on each of its princess.

I’m not done yet but it sure takes pain to compile a standard list of trends. So, the next time you hit the streets, make sure to flaunt the “cartoon-y” side of style and bring out the child in you! The spotlight’s surely going to be on you! We can already see you sharing a smile with a kid !




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