6 Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer that Women Shouldn’t ignore

To say that it’s scary to see a loved one survive cancer is saying the least. Not every loved one survives. Not every cancer can be cured. Breast cancer, however, if diagnosed at the right time, can be cured. But when is the right time actually? There are certain early signs of breast cancer that most women would ignore but should they?

I visited a gynaecologist sometime back, and I read brochures of how middle aged women should be particularly careful of the slightest symptoms of Breast cancer. Infact, they must mandatorily get mammography tests performed at regular intervals to rule out any delay.

breast cancer

6 early signs of breast cancer that women seem to ignore but shouldn’t are

6. Unusual growth of lumps, dumplings etc.

You’ve heard it time and again from the doctors and you must hear it till you take it seriously. Any sign of unusual growths like lumps around the lymph nodes of the breasts or even up till your arm pit may be early signs of a tumour which may turn cancerous. Hardening of the skin, dumplings or lumps, however insignificant they may feel must be reported to the doctor immediately and required tests must be performed to rule out signs of problematic diseases.

5. Changes in shape or size of your breast

Have you suddenly switched from 36 b to 38 d or perhaps dropped bra sizes without having lost a considerable amount of weight? Do you notice a sudden change in the shape of your breasts? It may be an early sign of breast cancer. It’s time to visit your doctor.

4. Changes in the appearance of skin around the breasts

Any puckering, redness or appearance of blue veins around your nipples may be problematic symptoms. Itchiness too must never be ignored. Better safe than sorry.

3. Nipple Discharge

Nipple discharge at any time but when nursing is not a normal bodily function. It needs immediate medical attention!

2. Changes in the Nipple

Do you notice your nipple having changed appearance suddenly? Inward turned nipples may infact not just be something to be passed off.

1. Unusual Breast Pain

Soreness during PMS is one thing, but if your feel your breasts as extraordinarily heavy, painful or even experience a stinging pain from within, medical attention should be provided immediately. It is not normal for women of any age – puberty or menopausal to experience sudden unusual breast pain!

A little more care today may save suffering tomorrow. Have you watched out for these symptoms yet? If not now then when?

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Are you aware yet?

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