6 everyday (but amazing) looks you gotta try!

Makeup is an absolute guilty pleasure activity. Once a girl is addicted to makeup, she becomes a forever fan of it! Every girl knows that no matter the dress or accessory that she has worn, the entire outfit just doesn’t seem to pull off without a tiny bit of Kajal lining her eyes!
So, your typical go-to makeup routine might consist of a handful of items… But on some days, you just need that extra something to take your outfit to another level! Whenever you feel like experimenting, make sure you try these simple makeup looks .They are sure to grab eyeballs and make people wonder what makes you look so ravishing!
Before trying out the looks though, it’s essential to prep your skin to get a smooth and flawless finish. Let’s just go over the basics once and then head straight on to those fabulous makeup looks to wear-

Setting the base-
Girls don’t really need much to set their skin before putting on makeup…But a clean , dry face is but of course necessary. You wouldn’t want your makeup to slide right off your face would you?:P

  1. So before doing anything else, cleanse your face with a suitable cleanser for your skin type. After that, apply a good moisturizer to maintain your beautiful complexion.
  2. Now, to hide those pesky blemishes! Concealer can be applied before or after your foundation as it’s role is to give extra coverage. Put a few dabs wherever you feel you need coverage. And make sure you rub it in properly your finger. Poof! The blemishes will have vanished!
  3. Next is the foundation. Now foundation can be used sparingly or as required for the day. For daily use though, concealer is usually enough. But incase you find that you must use it, then choose one whose shade and texture is as close as possible to the your original skin tone and texture. Once you find it, dab it on with fingers or sponges or brushes, whatever works for you!
  4. Finally, to set the base together, gently dab loose compact powder on so that your makeup is solid for 12 hours straight!

And there, you are now ready for those exciting new looks waiting for you!


1. The all natural makeup look-

This is a look which is very minimalistic and highlights your features very simplistically.

The aim is to look fresh faced and naturally beautiful. But all natural doesn’t mean that there are no efforts. Sure, there’s less product use and very minimum use of makeup tricks. The best part about this look is you can play with nudes and browns to suit you and it can be done by beginners as well!

Since the base has been set, we can directly jump into the look!

Fill your brows

Fill the eyebrows

You want fuller brows for this look .For that, choose an eyeshadow nearest to your hair color. Now, fill the eyeshadow right in where the spaces are visible.

A neutral eyeshadow

Peachy eyeshadow

A hue which will accentuate your eyes and add a bit of glow to them is your best bet. The best hues which work for our skin tone would be browns, peaches and creams. There is no need to choose 2 colors for creating shadows, using a single color works well. Apply it and blend it well on the lid.

Line your eyes

Lining eyes

Now to give your eyes a bit more dimension, line the lower lashline and fill the space in between the upper lashes too. Lightly line the eyelid very close to the upper lashline to maintain the subtleness. Smudge the line along the waterline and the eyelid with your finger to give a very soft look.

Mascara is optional but it will bring the whole look together. Go over your lashes lightly with your mascara and you are done with eyes! 🙂

Blush and highlight-

Blush and contour

A natural look wouldn’t be complete without a bit of lovely glow to your cheeks. A light peachy or pink blush or a bronzer for darker tones works very well with this look. Add a highlighter such as a white eyeshadow or white Kajal to the apples of your cheeks to give them a dewy finish.


Lastly, the lips!

Fill in the lips

For the lips, any peachy, pink or nude shade is perfect to put the whole look together. You can even opt to use a tinted lip balm or a gloss.


The final result-

final look

It’s as easy as that and can be done within no time!! Just practice it and I am sure you’ll be ready in the blink of an eye! 😉

2. A day to night makeup look-

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to rush home and change into evening clothes, so forget worrying about your make-up! Well, at stressful times like these, you can simply put on makeup in the morning which looks stunning as evening makeup too. So fret not, just carry your eyeliner and your favorite red lipstick and get this amazing look!

Play up the Cat-eyes-

smudged cat eyes

Now cat-eyes are something which look gorgeous both in daytime as well as nigh-time. With your eyeliner, just play up the flick a bit to add drama for the evening. Use a pencil eyeliner as it’s easy to apply. Also, even if the line gets smudged, it still looks smoking hot.

The red lip

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Oooh, so finally all that hunting for the perfect red lipstick pays off! Yep, all you have to do is glide this lovely shade on and you’ll be raring to go!


With two of your features getting all the attention already, you don’t need much of anything else! Just pat a little bit of highlighter along your brow bones and cheekbones and capture the night like a diva!

3. Eye-play-

A regular flick of the eyeliner can often get real boring for daily wear. But trying out something new in less time is a daunting thing too. But that’s because you haven’t seen the look below! It’s so easy that you will get it right in the first go! And you probably might even change up your routine for a few days! Try it out once and you won’t be afraid to change things up a bit ever!

The double wings-

All you have to really is just add another line to your regular eye makeup. It’s simple. Draw your first line on the upper eyelid as you normally would.

Now, from the lower lashline, add another line parallel to the one above as shown below. And that’s all! Isn’t that a super easy way to look fabulous?

double wings

Rest of the makeup-

Just stick to your normal makeup products with the double wings.

For the lips just add a peachy or light pink shade so that your eyes can do all the talking!

4. Luscious lips-

A lot of rich colors like berry, coral and fuschia pink are in right now.  They make for very bold statements while guaranteeing you 100% attention! Everyone can find their bold lip color in all the 3 shades and the best part is once you put these on, you can really get laidback with the rest of your makeup and sometimes even your outfit!

Very berry

berry lips

Doesn’t this shade look simply rich? You can keep the rest of the look minimal to really let your lips grab all the attention.


coral lips

A beautiful coral shade can really amp up your look. The shades are available for every skin tone and each of them look truly lovely!

Poppy fuschia

fuschia pink

Fuschia pink is a daring color but wow, it can really turn heads around! If you are feeling a little daredevilish, you must certainly opt for this shade and see it work it’s eye-popping color!

5. Color-popping eye shadows-

So you are probably not feeling too experimental with your lip shades. But you can always give your eyes a chance! A lot of bright colorful eye shadows are in the market today and honestly, they look so tempting! And they are not made just for the models on the ramp-walks to use either! Nope, you can use them right now, right away without looking over-the top! A few ways you can pair these bold colors with the rest of your makeup and still look subtle are-


Smokey eye-

bold colors smoky eye

Colors that go well together make for a sexy smoky eye. You can use colors that are in same palette shade if you are not feeling too bold and go for a smooth subtle shade. Eg maroons

Or you can play around and have fun by placing the dark colors on the inner corner of the eye instead of the outer corner as usual!

Light and dark

blue eyes

Well ofcourse in the daylight your eyeshadow needs to be a bit toned down but at night time, you can really go all out and have fun with layering your eyeshadow!

As an eyeliner-

blue eyeliner

Bold eyeshadows look amazing if put simply as an eyeliner either on the upper or lower eyelid!

Jeweled tones-

jewel tones

Now this is really fun! With your bright colors, you can add an element of jewel tones in it as well. Jewel tones help to make your entire bold look super sleek so I say go for it!

You can even go bold on bold with your lips and eyes together.

Just remember to blend the colors well and always choose colors that compliment your outfit well.

6. White eyeliner-

Kareena Kapoor has been really popular for promoting the white Kajal for Lakme. But I can never think of suggesting using this amazing product the hideous way she did! White Kajal is a superb product which can be used as a highlighter, in various ways to make your eyes stand out and as an eyeshadow base! Just give it one try and I can assure you will get addicted to it! 😀

Eyeshadow base-

White really makes the other colors on top of it stand out. So when you feel your pale colors are not really showing up ,just put white kajal as the base. Now go ahead and put any color you wish and see the results!




One of the best uses of white Kajal is that it makes a superb highlighter. To enhance your eyeshadows or simply give more definition to your brows, just swipe a little along your brow bone and see yourself glow!


To brighten up the eyes-

inner corner

Basically what the Kajal was made for! 😀 It really perks your eyes right up and is perfect for those days when your eyes looks tired and dull. Put a little in the inner corner of your eyes and smudge it well.


Make your eyes look bigger-

bigger eyes 1

Yep, you can literally make your eyes look bigger and brighter with white Kajal. Glide it along your lower waterline and make sure you finish the rest of your makeup to see the difference it makes.


With this look, you can go for your regular makeup as usual or even pair it with red-hot looks like the red lip or smoky eye.  Your makeup will definitely look brighter and better then usual!

final picture bigger eyes


I hope you guys enjoy trying out these looks as much as I enjoyed compiling them for you! Have fun with them and keep experimenting! 🙂

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