6 Signs He’s Cheating On You!

Relationships are extremely fragile. They require efforts from both sides in order for it to sustain.
But unfortunately, monogamy is too cruel a rule for some.

cheating spouse

Is your relationship with your man not all fun and games like it used to be? Does he tend to panic every time you ask for his phone? Or he simply just doesn’t enjoy spending time with you any more? Then your relationship might be in trouble! If your gut tells you that your man isn’t being loyal to you, then it might as well be true.
Still in a rut? We here at Wonder Wardrobes have compiled some telltale signs of a cheater to aid you in your quest to bust the cheater in your life!

1. Fails to commit!

commitment phobic

You waited weeks for that dinner reservation at that new fancy restaurant, but your man decided to bail at the last moment for very shady reasons? Girl, there’s a very great chance he might not be where he claimed he is. Failure to commit to anything from casual date nights to any sort of future commitment speaks volumes. There is certainly a reason why he’s acting like this and you need to bust him out. Demand an answer from your man before you find out the bitter truth, the hard way!

2. You aren’t aware of his whereabouts!

hard to track

You called but he refuses to answer, while your texts also receive the silent treatment. You just can’t seem to track him down! If a guy is in for the long haul, he would at least text and let you know if he’s busy or if he’s running late. A guy who truly cares for you will respect you enough to call you back if he missed your calls. He’s surely with someone and somewhere he doesn’t want you to know!

3. Sudden change in appearance!

sudden grooming

Has he started hitting the gym a lot lately? Or has he finally shaved off that beard that you had convinced him didn’t flatter him at all? If he’s spending double the time he used to just for getting ready for work, then it’s time you ask him if he has something to tell. Rapid change in appearance, specially in someone who never really cared how he looked, might be an indicator of the arrival of a new girl in his life!

4. Asks for more privacy!

need for more privacy

Does your man freak out every time you try to touch his phone or laptop? You most probably have a cheater on your hands, girl! People in a serious committed relationship don’t really have anything to hide. The need for personal space is healthy as well as acceptable, but freaking out or fighting with you for something as trivial as a phone, should definitely sound off warning bells.

5. Change in libido!

change in libido

Radical change in your sexy time, be it for the better or worse, could be a cause for worry. He might be suddenly more handsy than ever and can’t wait to jump in bed with you, or maybe he’s suddenly so not interested in you and avoids all forms of physical contact. Either way, beware, since there’s surely someone out there who’s fulfilling all of his needs!

6. Increased emotional distance!

emotional distance

When awkward silences become a norm in a relationship, you know something is up. Has your spouse stopped sharing his feelings and opinions with you? There’s a huge possibility he may be sharing them with someone else. If all your relationship is made up of is fights and there’s a lack of meaningful conversations, it might be time to rethink about your relationship. Emotional distance is often the very first sign of cheating!

Girls, catch the cheater in your life red handed and nip it in the bud. Never settle for less. You know you deserve so much better!

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