6 Snacks you can munch on when you’re on diet

So here’s the thing. I recently started going to gym, working out and all, yeah? (So cool.) But being the foodie that I am I just can’t stay on a diet! I just have to keep on eating something! But my trainer gave me this diet with black coffee, green tea and obviously “oats” because of which I have to go to the departmental store every now and then and search for healthy new products that suit my tastebuds. And when I was done with my research I thought why not share it with you guys too?! So I present you 6 snacks that you can munch on when you are on diet.

1. Nutri Choice Oat Cookies

  Nutrichoice No, they don’t taste anything like oats. You can munch on and on and on and never get bored of them. These biscuits are high on fibre and hence, provide you a good digestion system. Also, they are really tasty and super healthy! You can even try the raagi flavour.

2. Kellogg’s Muesli

Kellogg's Muesli You can eat them with milk as cornflakes or just eat them right away. You can now fight those mid-meal hunger pangs and get energised with the goodness of Kellogg’s muesli. I personally like the fruit and nut and honey flavour.

3. Kerala Banana Chips

Kerala banana chips You don’t need any description for this one. You’ve eaten it; you’ve loved it, and here’s the news: they are perfect as your munching snack even while dieting! These chips consist of fiber, that helps resist constipation and potassium, that maintains a normal heartbeat and muscle function.

4. Diet Chiwda

Chiwada Also known as poha chiwda or namkeen chiwda, this is the perfect tea partner for you when on diet or even when you’re not on diet! These are really crunchy, light and neutral to taste which makes them suitable for people with different taste preferences.

5. Lemon Bhel

Lemon bhel Lemon bhel is like this new hit thing in the market. You can either prepare it by adding chopped onion and tomato, salt and pepper and it’ll be ready or eat it as it is if you are a little less into fancy salt and pepper stuff.

6. Britannia’s Digestive Biscuits

Britannia biscuit These biscuits are my favourite snack. I have these biscuits in my kitchen, right beside my bed, on my study table everywhere! It’s just rude not to have these biscuits with your tea/coffee now. These biscuits also help in improving your digestion and keep that tummy healthy. Diet is no more a problem, right? 😉

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