6 Types Of Guys To Avoid At All Costs!

It is said that ‘Love conquers all’. Love is truly a wonderful feeling. It has the ability to make us believe in fairy tales and romance!
But hold it right there, girls! It’s time to come back to reality. Our love life is not a plot of a Hollywood movie. Everything does not fall into place that easily.

There is a Prince Charming patiently waiting to sweep you off your feet, but you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you finally meet ‘the one’.

kissing a frog

Dating is hard. You will meet many guys who are so not worth your time and feelings. They may make you go weak in the knees but they are certainly not worth the drama.
So, ladies, these are the types of guys who should totally be off your radar.

The couch potato!

couch potato

Is your man more worried about the remote than you? It’s time to chuck him out, girl! A man who’s sole purpose in life is to binge out in front of the TV day in and day out is so not worth fighting for. You need a man with goals and ambitions. One who can get his lazy ass off the couch! You will be babying him around all life long if you don’t put an end to it asap.
After all, lazy is never sexy!

The over-possessive guy!

over possesive

At first you would love basking in all the attention. The constant calls, never ending texts, the cute and harmless jealousy. He must really love you, right? You can’t be more wrong girl. Love doesn’t even stand a chance if your man is not willing to grant you your space. You are not his possession and should not be treated like one. No guy is worth giving up your freedom for.
There’s a very thin line between possessive and obsessive!

The friends first guy!

the guys guy

Is your guy spending too many nights at the bar lately? Does he refuse to answer your calls when he’s with the guys? Then your relationship might be in trouble! Friends are a vital part of one’s life but for your man, you and his friends should never be interchangeable. If he refuses to acknowledge your existence and keeps taking you for granted, then it’s time to pull the plug girl.
‘Bros before hoes’ is so not an excuse!

The flirt!

the flirt

He will insist he’s just being ‘friendly’. He ‘obviously’ does not fancy your best friend. But don’t get all caught up in his trap. He’s a cheater in the making and your indifference towards his flirty antics will only encourage him further. Don’t even waste another precious minute on him and kick him to the curb.
Kiss him goodbye before it’s too late!

The friends and family hater!

bf who doesnt like your friends and family

A man who doesn’t respect your friends and family is a big no-no! His utter disrespect for your close ones is also an indicator of the respect he has for you. If he really does value you as a person, he will respect your loved ones regardless of him liking them or not. Also, if your friends or family feel like something’s off and he’s not the guy for you, you better listen to them. More often than not they are right.
Respect is a two-way street!

The compulsive cheat!

cheating boyfriend

This type is certainly the worst of the lot. Most cheaters never clean up their act. So if he claims it was only a “one time thing”, he’s probably lying. Giving him endless chances won’t make him a better person. No, you cannot ‘change’ him! The best thing you can do in such a scenario is to walk away. If he didn’t respect you enough the first time, he probably won’t the second time either.
Once a cheater, always a cheater!

So, ladies, don’t fall for his bad boy charm. Trust us, there are a lot of worthy guys out there who would love to have a slice of you!

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