6 wardrobe must haves that will make you more attractive!

There is loads of information out there on fashion, what to wear, what not to wear blah blah blah. It can be a mundane task sifting through all that- like looking for a needle in a haystack. All that is not needed for someone who just wants to put together a simple, cute look. So, here’s a list of 6 shortened list of must haves for every lady who wants to look a tad more attractive and stand out from the crowd:

The little black dress:

frock kind dress little black dress

Often quoted as the one thing you must absolutely HAVE in your wardrobe, the little black dress is a sure eye-catcher. Black is often associated with exuding confidence, sexiness and intelligence. And wearing a black dress with a smooth material, riding just near your knees, shows everyone the playful edginess you have! Whether a formal black Peplum suit or just a plain low cut dress, the mean little black dress is always there to back you up!

High heels:

heels with dress heels with jeans

Needless to say, another one of the most essential must haves; atleast when you have to wear an evening dress. People always say that wearing heels makes a girl’s legs look longer and give the calf muscles a sexy cuteness! According to a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior, the height of the heels was found to be directly proportional to a woman’s attractiveness, and also men were often found to be more helpful and considerate towards women who wear heels (but don’t let that be a reason to wear them always!)

Off-shoulder wear:

off shoulder blouse off shoulder dress

Contrary to popular belief, off shoulder dresses can be very attractive even if you are on the plump side on the thinner side. Certain studies prove that the front and back aren’t the only attractive things in a woman, that is, the shoulders and fore arms are also equally easy on the eye.

Purses with chains:


chanel leather bag with chain tory burch purse with chains

currently in trend, black cloth or leather purse with metallic chains will go with any outfit you choose. They will be a great addition to your wardrobe and will also help you carry your stuff in style!


red coat military style red dress

While black exudes sexiness, intelligence and confidence, red oozes bold and gives that extra oomph to any dress. Be it a simple red shirt with jeans, or a formal red dress, or a red coat, it is sure to bring out the tiger in you and make you look so much more passionate and romantic even.


shades sunglasses

Even though the feature last on the list, we know how important sunglasses are; in our country, especially, with the sun on our face most of the year round, shades are most need to protect your eyes from the harsh rays. So why not just make them a bit more fad, right? With so many kinds and colours of sunglasses available out there, you can take your pick from the market. Be sure not to get something too big or too small for your face, though.


So now you have this handy, make your everyday look a bit more edgy and walk out there with style and elan!!

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