“Odour Beyond Body Border”: 6 Ways to Avoid Body Odour in Summers!

“Heat and Sun, Summers have BEGUN!”

Yes people…it’s the season of chilled drinks and yummy ice-creams! But, not to forget the immense heat and the scorching sun above us all the time! Summers, I am sure all of you will agree, takes a toll over our bodies, we want to do a lot many things, but the hot weather just does not allow us to do so! We start feeling uneasy just after 3-4 hours of work, even if we have a chilled drink in our hands and sitting comfortably in an air conditioned room!

One of the major issues which most of us face in summers is the problem of body odour! It is very difficult to control sweating and keep our body fresh throughout the day in a tropical country like ours! The showers and deodorants cannot always cover this problem for a long time. So, here are some tips for you to avoid this problem and feel fresh throughout the day and make the most out of it!


keeping clean

Keeping yourself clean is one of the most important things to avoid body odour. You cannot stop your body from sweating completely as it is body’s natural way of cooling itself, but taking proper showers and cleaning your body avoids the growth of bacteria which helps in controlling body odour. Use nice aromatic soaps and body shower gels, which stays for longer period of time and helps you feel fresh throughout the day!



Clothing plays a very important role in avoiding body odour. Try sticking to light colors in summers and avoid very tight, body hugging clothes. Try wearing cotton clothes and avoid fabrics like rayon, polyester and nylon as they do not allow your body to breathe properly resulting into sweating and odour!



Try to avoid junk, oily, spicy food in summers as spices increase your body temperature which leads to sweating and  odour. Stay away from food items which contain saturated fats and sugars. Eat fruits and drink fresh juices which will give a refreshing feel to your body.



Smoking causes bad breath and odour. The chemicals which tobacco contains are eventually ejected from the skin, which results into body odour. Avoiding or completely quitting smoking is always a good decision, as apart from body odour, it causes many other adverse effects to your body.  



Detoxification or the internal cleaning of body is very important to avoid body odour. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday as it cleans all the impurities. Also eating fruits with vitamin C in them helps a lot like orange, lemon, melon, papaya etc. Taking a walk is also a good way to detoxify your body. The intake of oxygen kills the bacteria which avoids sweat and odour. Green tea is also great for detoxification.


feet underarms

Underarms and feet are the body parts which sweat the most and it is important to specially take care of them to avoid odour. To avoid this, wipe your underarms properly and use some natural sterilizers like tea tree oil or witch hazel. These sterilizers prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your underarms free from sweat. For your feet, soak them in salt water and clean everyday, because they are the smelliest part of the body especially if covered with socks and shoes. Hence, this helps in keeping them fresh and avoiding smell.

So, people, I am sure these ways will help you fight body odour and make your summers a “stink and sweat free” , fresh one!

Happy Summers! 🙂

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