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6 Ways To Shed The Holiday Weight


new year, new you

Christmas went by last week and by the time you were done finishing the leftovers of your Christmas party, New Year’s came and now you find yourself bloated and feeling slightly uncomfortable in the clothes that easily fit you some forty days ago. But these are holiday calories as I call it and can be easily shed off before you join your work, college or school within a week to a fortnight.

1. Set Realistic Goals

keep realistic goals
The feeling of happiness that you experience when you realise that you have finally achieved the goal you had set for the week cannot be put into words. In order to do that, do not set milestones that cannot be achieved in a short period. Start by saying, “I will lose a kilo this week,” and if you achieve this, you’ll feel like the winner you are.

2. Have 5 or more cups of Green Tea every day

green tea
Set aside the deeper scientific side to it, but having 3-5 cups of green tea keeps you feeling light and active all day long. A common reason for which the green tea is so widely popular is its attack on the visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, and hence reducing belly fat mainly due to the presence of epigallocatechin-3-gallate. Cut the science. Just guzzle down a cup.

3. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day

drinking water
Drinking lots of water serves two purposes. First of all, it keeps you full and hydrated all the time and your metabolism or the rate at which you will burn calories is boosted by 30%. Secondly, people confuse thirst for hunger and hence, indulge in irregular binge eating which is more harmful and something that we definitely do not want. And did we tell you that you are bound to get super glowing skin with that water therapy?

4. Include a lot of fruits and green raw vegetables in your diet

eat healthy stay fit

You should include a lot of fibres in your diet for no other fat burning reasons except that it keeps you full for a longer time and are easily digested. Eat fruits like apples with its skin, strawberries, beans, nuts and legumes. Eat clean and stay healthy.

5. Exercise!

Jogging keeps you and your heart healthysquats
No diet will ever be successful without a planned workout. To shed those few extra kilograms that you picked up during the holiday season, you don’t need to work out for hours and hours or spend a lot of money by joining the gym. You just need a little and steady workout. So pick anything that you like, go for a 30-45 minute jog, or brisk walk for an hour. You can jump rope or even do squats.

6. Snack Healthy

Choose the right snack to eat when you're hungry

Choose the right snack to eat when you’re hungry

fruit salad
After eating in measured portions and exercising, you’re bound to feel hungry. Instead of starving yourself between your major meals, you can do two things. Either you can snack on healthy food. Eat fruits, sprouts of ‘Moong’, ‘Chana’ or Soybean, salads, digestive crackers etc. OR instead of eating three heavy meals and not eating anything in between them, you can opt for having five lighter meals to keep you full throughout the day. In the morning, you can have a toast with a cup of tea followed by a bowl of fruits or a cup of yoghurt in a couple of hours. Similarly, you can plan for the rest of your day by keeping a watch over what you’re eating.


Once you follow these six easy steps, you’ll be back into the shape you had lost during the holidays. Be fit. Stay strong.

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