6 Ways To Style The Denim Shirt

They say trends come and go quickly. But, seems that it doesn’t apply to denim shirts. They came into trend long time back and seem to have stayed since then, for good. The vintage denim shirt can be worn in various ways, on various occasions. Be it a kickass biker look, or a chic outfit for a nice weekend brunch, you can always rely on that versatile piece of blue clothing. You can personalise that single piece of outfit in numerous ways to suit your mood and style. We bring to you 6 such ways. These supremely chic styles will compliment you the best any day. Have a look!

Biker Style


denim with skirtdenim shirtdenim

As sun rises, weather changes and the cool breeze turn into warm welcome for the new day, it’s always refreshing to go for a drive. For an early morning ride, get ready for the drive with rocking style. For this, pair a faded black jeans with black full sleeves woollen top or a thermal wear top as it is still dark and cold. Woollen clothes will protect you from the chilly weather. Wear your favourite denim shirt over it. With high ponytail, sneakers, goggles and wrist watch, you are ready to go.

Weekend Brunch

denim skirtskirt denim

Sunday mornings are calm and peaceful as we wake up late. For Sunday morning family brunch denim shirts are cool. To brunch wear denim sleeveless shirt. Pair it with cotton kalamkari long skirt which has blue brown print on it or any dark colour designs. You can even choose plain long skirt or even a short skirt. Tuck the shirt ,make your hair into fishtail braid, wear silver big dial chain watch and brown flats. Finally little lip gloss and you are ready to go.

Evening Party

denim over dressdress denimdenim floral

For casual Friday evening get-together party, be simple yet amazing. Wear a floral printed knee length dress. Florals are always in and are cheerful. The dress with pastel floral colours are cool. Try white with floral prints of pastel blue, pastel green and hint of pink colour. Wear the denim shirt with open buttons over knee length dress. Put on a tan colour belt over shirt. Let your hair down, wear silver bracelet with something glitter hanging from it. Small earrings and tan colour wedges complete  the look.

Travel In Style


For a flight travel, always wear something comfortable. Try to dress up in layers as you may feel cold after take off. Try plain navy blue palazzo pants or any dark colours. For top choose short hands white top with  golden beads on its hands or something that sparkle. Tuck in the top wear broad plaited brown belt. Over it wear the sleeveless denim shirt. The white top with denim shirt is classic and those beads on hands were highlighted as shirt is sleeveless and gave it rocking contemporary style. With brown colour hand bag and brown heels,the look was amazing.

Casual Office Dress

3402548e676ce88e86ab910dc54498f8denim officeoffice denim

For Friday office dressing, formal black pencil pants with formal belt and denim shirt tucked in will make you look outstanding in your office. Even the blazer over it will be cool. Add black pumps,it will make you look chic. the walking style automatically changes as you wear pumps. It will make you look tall, elegant and stylish.

Girls’ Day Out

denim with short denim with shorts

Denim shirt with shorts are cool combination for outings; especially for fun, adventure and beach activities. They are not only comfortable but also stylish. There are many coloured shorts, choose appropriate short which best suits your denim shirt’s colour. When you wear it, you won’t even look as you have dressed up yet you will be attractive. Wear brown colour boots and wrist watch. Wear a stylish long chain & brown colour goggles to rock the style.

This classic shirt covers all aspects of fashion as well as beauty and lifestyle in your day to day life. Wear these trendy styles and let others draw inspiration from your style.

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