7 Cool Ways To Beat The Monsoon Blues

This gloomy weather has the potential to turn even the happiest soul into a depressed one, especially if you are one  who hates the rain and the mucky,slimy worms it brings. But don’t worry, we have come up with seven bright ways to chuck off the monsoon blues. Turn the most dullest day in to a bright one with these seven amazing tricks.

1. Coffee / Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Drink

What better way is there to beat the chilly wind? Sip on that hot chocolate drink and enjoy your day while watching the rain. And if you are a coffee addict like me 😉 , then what are you waiting for? Grab that hot cup of coffee and wake up 😀 

2. Book To The Rescue

Reading a book and sipping on your hot drink

Always wanted to read a particular book but never had the time for it? Well, this season definitely comes in handy in this situation. Imagine reading your favorite book while sipping on your beloved hot drink, isn’t it beatific? Relax, sit back and enjoy the view and your drink. You can also read it while travelling to your work place, if you think carrying a book is painful then try the new e-book readers like amazon kindle, designed exclusively for reading purposes.

3. Playing A Sport

Football In the Rain

Yes, you read it correct. You will never be this age again, go get wet in the rain by playing your most liked game. Live your childhood’s most cherished moments again, but don’t stay too long in the rain (you don’t have the immunity  of a child anymore 😉 ). I personally think that a person has to play football in the rain at least once during his/her lifetime, give it a try , don’t get sick though. Go discover the Messi in you 😉

4. Gorge on Hot Snacks


Time to be the foodie that you are. Ditch the diet plans and enjoy the cool weather with hot yummy samosa, mirchi bajji , kachori. Just reading this is making my mouth water, yum. This weather is a boon for all the foodies 🙂

5. Dance in the rain

Dancing in the rain

If you are not into sports, don’t fear. You can still have fun in the rain by dancing. Groove to the hit Hollywood, Bollywood beats and remain stress free. By dancing not only will you lift up your mood, you will also lose those extra calories. See, its a total win-win situation.

6. Photography 

Child's bliss while getting drenced in rain

India is one of the nations that is blessed with monsoon season.  “It doesn’t feel like a blessing, feels more like a curse at times”, if your thinking like that then think again. Fantasize capturing – the rain droplets falling from the sky, kids having fun in the rain, couples having a romantic moment in the rain, a child’s absolute bliss when a rain drop falls on his/her face, the scenic beauty of your own hometown, with your camera . Ain’t it incredible? Take out that camera and go crazy clicking *Click Click Click* 

7. Play Fashionista

Fashion Week at home ;)

Monsoon is the best time to play dress up. Isn’t it exciting? Pull out all your clothes from the wardrobes , gather your friends and let the fashion show begin. Take pictures, show your best modelling skills, try impressing that friend whom you have had a crush on, since forever 😉


So there you go, 7 ways to beat the monsoon blues. I’m pretty sure everyone has a way of beating the blues, comment below what are your ways and which one out of the 7 you want to go with this monsoon.

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