7 Designer Handbags To Invest In Without Regretting!!

Hey, so how many of you out there have a handbag fetish?? A lot of you must be raising your hand right now!! Actually, we all end up buying so many handbags that we are unsure what to do with them. Ladies, it’s sad when such beauties just sit there in your cupboard begging you to take them outside. You know what, it’s an art to get the right handbag as they really play a vital role in complementing your look. So, let’s talk about designer handbags and why you shouldn’t regret investing in them, just sit back and indulge in the exquisite collection.



 Versace  Versace

It’s a smart handbag for casual outing, made of leather and is available at a price which will definitely drain your pocket!! But, the outstanding look and feasibility, along with the brand name makes it a worthy piece in your check-list. Go ahead and check it out! There are other similar handbags available but this one stands out the best. It’s appealing in a way that it can opted for both casual and formal purpose.


Prada Prada

Though Prada has an amazing collection, this leather tote is to die for, simple, elegant and classy for the workaholic in you. Available at a neat price, you will definitely not regret investing in this exquisite piece. The handbag has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, adding to the comfort of the user and lucrative to the viewer.



 Burberry  Burberry

The collection of handbags from Burberry is quite different from other designer bags, they are presented to us in cotton checks and when you look at the bag, you know it is a holiday getaway!! Yep, perfect for those times when you go for small vacations or short trips. This particular handbag is available in various colours but this one in pink smooth leather trim with rolled leather handles and detachable shoulder strap, is the apple of the eye. The price on the site is exclusive to members, so better hurry and sign up.


 Calvin Klein

 Calvin Klein  Calvin Klein

This Calvin Klein hand-held bag is available online and is really affordable, price is same as a smartphone!! With its humble white shade, it is serene, perfect to go alongside a dress in white or in neutral shades. Can definitely be used as a party handbag with white shoes on the go. What do you think?


 Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Dolce and Gabbana

D&G’s collection of handbag is somewhat monotonous but definitely outstanding, so what do we have here?? Dolce & Gabbana intertwined satchel!! Crafted in leather, it is an unique piece and definitely needs special attention. It is a handbag for those special occasions where you want something different. You might possess a large collection of handbags but sometimes you still cannot find the right one, but this here definitely has the potential to be your One. Available at a price way higher than the rest of the handbags mentioned here, this undeniably stands out to be fit for your party style appearance.

 Juicy Couture

 Juicy Couture  Juicy Couture

This particular handbag is for everyday use, college style or a simple get together but the price is exclusive to members only. Juicy Couture black leather tote is crafted in faux leather, featuring leopard “I Love Couture” lettering, is splendid for all Black lovers out there. This black bag would love to go along with a pair of black boots and give an excellent vibe altogether.


 Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren

It was hard to present you guys with just one particular bag, each piece had its own charm. But, we have narrowed it down to this Blue tote. It is crafted in faux leather and is perfect for the casual appeal, especially for all those ladies who love simple, elegant and chic design. It is perfect to go alongside an ethnic attire, be it kurtis or kaftans. Guess what more makes it attractive? Its price!! Yup, it’s the cheapest of the lot and can be afforded easily, so dive in ladies, don’t waste time.


Here goes the end of the list, hope you guys enjoy it and can afford them too!! These 7 Bags should definitely be in any fashionista’s list and you are bound to enjoy them. Handbags complete our look and having just one is not enough. There should be one for every occasion and for every mood. Any suggestion and query is welcome along with your valuable comments. Till then, have fun and stay fashionable.

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