7 horrible fashion faux pas by Vidya Balan

We always see our favourite celebs dressed perfectly from tip to the toe and making a remarkable entry everywhere. But, everyone makes mistakes and so does our beloved bollywood celebrities who’ve had their share of embarrassment which the whole world sees. But there’s someone who is constantly nagging the fashion police with her poorly carried clothes or miss match in colours. No offend to Miss Balan, i personally love her acting and the way she carries her sarees but nowadays she has become a persistent offender of fashion.
So here’s my list of 8 worst faux pas by Vidya Balan.

1. A ‘Bright’ Day!

Vidya Balan seriously needs some solid ‘vidya’ on her fashion sense because none of these colours are supposed to go all in one outfit together! Even though we know these outfits are for her movie promotions ‘Ghanchakkar’ and she was trying to be in character but this is pure torture!

2. Dramatic Dupatta


Even after being backed by such amazing designer like Sabyasanchi Mukherjee, Vidya was able to pull off his outfit in a bizarre manner by taking dupatta over her head in a rather funny way on the first day of the cannes festival.

3. Check Mate!


This is the time when Vidya decided to wear a complete chess board on her body for some recent magazine award function ceremony!

4. The orange affair


Vidya was found wearing this bright orange suit at the 53rd filmfare awards with a lot of bling where she was panned for her dressing even by the hosts of the function that is, SRK and Saif Ali Khan. Its not just the suit that we didn’t like but even the make up wasn’t done in a very professional manner.

5. Black Magic

beech look

People say that if you cant get anything right with your clothing, just go with black. But our Vidya went a little overboard with this black waistcoat with a metallic shine with black sequinned short skirt that is worn over a black 3-4th legging with black sandals!

6. And she is black again!

pallazzo with a lace top
Vidya chose go overboard with black again at the press conference of ‘bhool bhulaiya’ when she was found wearing black sandals with black top and black skirt with a touch of gold. Even the gold couldn’t save the dress from failing!

7. One isn’t enough

blue palazzo with a floral crown
Miss Balan was seen wearing the same sandals yet again but with a different dress. This time it was all mauve. But apart from footwear another thing that was common was the horrible clothing!

In the end I would like to conclude that No matter how many faux pas Vidya has made or how many more she will be making in the future , she’ll always be our favourite actor!

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