It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year!! No, not Christmas, it’s HALLOWEEN time!! It’s that time when you get to dress up as whatever you want to be, so that you can go around spooking people out and collecting candy from them. But your brain decides to block out any sort of Halloween ideas (or any ideas, like it sometimes does), what are you going to do? Well, don’t worry because help is on its way in the form of, not a superhero, but makeup! Here are seven makeup ideas that will make your Halloween the perfect spookfest.

1. Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas

A perfect idea for a couple’s Halloween look is to be Sally and to make your significant other Jack Skellington, both from The Nightmare before Christmas.

To get Sally’s look all you need is to use face paint and paint your face white. Then outline your eyes with kohl or kajal and add a hint of deep blue eye shadow to your eyelids. Use a dark plum or maroon for your lips and outline them with black lip liner. Finally use black liquid liner to draw the stitches and done!

2. Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad

Everyone loves Supergirl and Wonder Woman, but for Halloween, Harley Quinn is your go to girl!

Start off with painting your face white using body paint. Paint one ear red and the other black to be more original. Line your eyes with liquid liner and make sure to add red eye shadow on one eyelid and black on the other eyelid. Next part is painting on her mask using black body paint. First give a general outline of the mask and then fill it in. For your lips, use maroon lipstick but make sure to point it out at the edges or go with maroon body paint.

3. Zombie


They walk around in the darkness and they’re dead. Yeah, being a zombie is a pretty spooky idea for a Halloween party and it is easy.

Even for this you’ll need to use white face paint and apply it all over your face. Then use black eye shadow to contour your cheekbones. Spread it around your cheekbones to make it look like it’s sunken in. Then use eyeliner and draw around your eye lids (make sure it’s thick) and around your waterline. Then smudge the eyeliner on top and at the bottom to give yourself a dead look. After this use red paint and dab on a few blotches onto your face to make it look like dried blood. To make your lips look dead, either use concealer or nude lipstick and there we have our dead zombie look.

4. Catwoman from Batman

There’s that quote which says “Behind every successful man is a woman”. And Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman is the one behind our favorite hero, Batman. Her look is probably one of the easiest for a sexy yet dark Halloween look.

Start off with the eyes for Catwoman. All you really need to do is make sure that it’s dark. So line your eyes with thick black liner and use black eye shadow to give an overall smoky look. Highlight your eyes using mascara. The thing that makes Selina Kyle stand out, is her luscious red lips so make sure you choose the right shade of berry red. Good options for lipstick include the M.A.C Diva, Maybelline Pleasure Me Red or the L’Oreal Intense Ruby. This is all the makeup you need to match the leather cat-suit, oh, and don’t forget the cat-eared hairband to finish off the look.

5. Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland


The almighty, powerful ruler of Wonderland is next. This one is a little complex but you will guaranteed make the other people want to say, “OFF WITH HER HEAD”, out of jealousy.

Start with a painting your face white. Here’s the tricky part, where you have to use glue stick on your eyebrows to flatten it down to be able to paint over it. Once you’have painted your face completely white, use light blue eye shadow (or paint according to your preference) and draw a box shaped outline above your eyes and then colour it in. Then use liner and draw a thin, black “eyebrow” just on top of the blue box. Line the upper and lower lashes with some dark blue eye shadow. Next to get the Queen’s eyes, use fake lashes or add mascara and draw fake bottom lashes to get a doll like appearance. And the final touch is to draw a heart shape on your lips with dark red lip liner and fill it in with the same and VOILA the Queen’s reign is on!

6. Mexican Sugar Skulls

These are the ever-so-popular Day of the Dead celebrations skulls that are definitely making an art statement. They also feature in a Robin Schulz music video. Where else can you flaunt these elegant yet scary skull designs?

There are innumerable designs to choose from but these are the basics. It can be optional to paint your face depending on the colours being used. If you want to go with the traditional black and white, then first paint your face white. Then begin by painting around your eyes with black paint. Start with a black oval and then decorate it with other colours either by drawing petals or adding designs to the circle. Next use black paint to give you’re your lips stitches, these can either be with lipstick or without it. And finally the signature nose of Mexican skulls which is to paint an inverted black heart on your nose. Also add on your own artistic designs such as swirls, thorns, roses, webs etc.

7. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

A haunting evil witch is on everybody’s list for the perfect Halloween, so get the look rocked by Ursula.

Start by applying lavender face paint all over your face. Draw a curve with black liner above your eyebrows to give an evil look and draw over your eyebrows with black paint to make it look like your eyelid. Fill in your eyelids till your eyebrow with light sky blue eye shadow and also give a tint of the blue under your lower lashes. Line your eyes with eyeliner and extend the wings along with which draw a few lower lashes as well. Use matte red lipstick to pop your pout and add a small black mole beside your lip to finish the look!

Match these looks with the perfect, easy DIY costumes and you will send the other supernatural beings back to where they came from! So go ahead and get ready to make this the spookiest and most haunted Halloween ever!

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