7 Outfit Ideas For A Blind Date

A blind date is undoubtedly a very stressful occasion. In the midst of all the tension you go through, it is your outfit that determines how chilled out you seem. Making sure that your outfit is something that you’re comfortable wearing, and reflects your personality a little can be quite difficult. Although the task of deciding what to wear is completely up to you, here are a few outfit ideas that you can try out to woo your date. The first impression, is truly the last.

1. The Chic and Charming

The Chic and Charming

This outfit idea is great if you want to give out a very chilled out and classy vibe. The heels elevates the look completely from casual to dressy. The pale pink screams feminine and if paired with the right bag, it is definitely bound to get you a second date.



2. The ‘So-Cute’ outfit

The 'So-Cute' outfit

What makes the next outfit perfect is the flirty-cute-girl vibe that it sends out. Pairing a black and white crop top with a pleated skirt would just make this outfit pretty. What makes it simply fabulous is the pop of colour, the red sweater provides. Apart from that, the lace-up high heeled boots give it the edginess it needs.



3. For the Fabulous and Flirty

For the Fabulous and Flirty

Research shows that the colour red makes a girl look more attractive. So if red is what they want, red is what they’ll get. The leather jacket and the stilettos take this dress to a whole new level of wow.



4. The Sass Queen

The Sass Queen

Another great idea is a plain black romper. It’s simple, fun, elegant and sexy. Accessorize it with the right purse or a piece of jewellery and you’re sure to turn heads.

5. Fashionably Formal

Fashionably Formal

A peplum is definitely the way to go when you want a formal yet fun look. Wearing it over a pair of jeans will still make you look as fabulous as ever.


6. Simply Sexy

Simply Sexy

What is amazing about this look is how a pair of high-waist trousers, a top, a messenger bag and boots can make such a simple outfit so stylish. You’ll have to carry it off with panache though.

7. For the Casual Lovers

For the Casual Lovers

No one can ever go wrong with denim. It makes you look fab and is ALWAYS in fashion. A denim skirt with a simple tee is just perfect for a casual lunch date.


Blind dates tend to get scary, but you can always make it less scary for your date by looking stunning. The date is bound to go well once you are confident and comfortable in your attire that you’ve chosen.

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