With a ban on Maggi and only a tiny bunch of options left in the name of ‘instant’ noodles one often wonders if it is the end of quick snacks. Why? Because we never open our minds to ANY option other than noodles when it comes to quick and tasty bites. Does anything else even taste as good as Top Ramen noodles or Maggi? Read on to surprise yourselves with the following options which will force you to review your options for tasty and quick replacements to instant noodles.


kale chips

A bowl of crunchy quick meal is always a treat to the eyes as well as the tummy. If you thought that green vegetables can’t be tasty then this snack is sure to surprise you because its so yum! If you have a bunch of fresh kale leaves in the refrigerator but don’t know what to do with them then you can always bake them. Yes, BAKE them. Just wash the leaves thoroughly, pat them dry gently with a kitchen towel and sprinkle some extra-virgin olive oil over them so that each leaf is coated properly with oil and salt. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Celsius. Be sure that you cut off the thick stems before you oil the leaves. Fill a large rimmed baking sheet with the leaves and ensure that they don’t overlap. Insert the vessel in the oven and start baking. Within a few minutes your baked kale chips will be ready!


greek yogurt and berries

Its sweet, fruity, healthy and every bit tasty. If you’re a yogurt person then you’ll love this recipe and its so simple and quick to make. Greek Yogurt is easily available in the market and even if you cant find it you can go for plain yogurt too. Add some yogurt in a bowl, wash and slice fresh strawberries and add them to the bowl. If you have some blueberries then wash them and add to the bowl. The best thing about Greek yogurt is that it contains 0% fat and only 120 calories!


bread with peanut butter

A favourite of many, peanut butter is another one of those blessings from the supermarkets. Most of us often have a jar of peanut butter at home but we still choose to go for instant noodles when we don’t realize that bread with peanut butter tastes as good as (wouldn’t mind saying even better than) noodles! You can have a plain snack by just spreading some peanut butter on a slice of bread and eat it like that or you could add some green chutney and toast the bread if you want it to be tastier. My mouth is already watering!


dried fruits walnuts and almonds

Dried plums, walnuts and almonds are few dried fruits that one can and must always indulge in for a quick bite. Dried plums are an ideal sweet fix or shot of energy before you go for a run. They also help maintain your blood sugar level. Walnuts are also very healthy because of their low-carb content and they help in the development of our brain too (I guess that’s why they look like the human brain). Peanuts, cashews and almonds never seize to add more protein and healthy unsaturated fats to your diet. Also, such a crunchy feast!


dark chocolate quote

Surprised to see chocolate on the list? I was too when I heard that dark chocolate actually has its own share of benefits. Did you know that dark chocolate has more antioxidant content than other foods and that it improves the flow of blood and reduces blood sugar level? Its extremely good for your heart too. To add to your utter surprise, it propels the brain’s functioning power too! Now, who wouldn’t want a bar of dark chocolate for a quick snack?

dark chocolate


fruit chaat

Fruits may sound boring but you can always make them appealing to your taste by adding some extra tangy additives to them. Fruit chart is a common healthy snack among many households, especially the ones housing health freaks. All you have to do is cut or slice different fruits, place them on a plate and sprinkle some chaat masala over them.  Serve with green chutney. Your fruit platter will look as tempting as never before.


oatmeal with blueberries

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest options for a quick snack and one can always extract the monotony out of this cereal by adding a few sweet and tangy berries. Plus, a little dash of blue in a bowl makes it look even more tempting!

Instant noodles have made a special place in our hearts but what we often end up ignoring is the importance of health and nutrition which they often lack. There are always healthier options which are quicker to prepare and tastier to eat. So keep munchin’!

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