7 Scary Miley Cyrus Looks

I always aspire to write something beautiful and composing for Miley Cyrus is really awful for me as she was one of my idol in my teenage, who dazzled millions of people through her singing talent, dance performances, and stunning looks. She is always renowned for her sugary sweet image in public and now this Disney princess is a complete rebel.

I donno what’s been up with this fashion bubble, who herself set fire to her wardrobe by cut-short her beautiful hairs and outfits being cropped up to such an extremity that it’s covering the only parts of the body which need to be hidden. Miley, who once was rewarded the title of “MOST CHARTED TEENAGER” is been called a “twerk” not only because of her strippy ensembles but also with her dirty hideous gestures and erotic dancing. She is now considered to be as a POP GARBAGE with her crass performances and garish outfits, crushing brutally her public image.

She is a complete whore, twerking all around in her jumble scrap outfits. Here are 7 scary Miley Cyrus looks we’d rather not see her in.

1. Everytime she forgets a piece of clothing

Everytime she forgets a piece of clothing


She is wearing a sort of skirt which barely covering anything with long boots.

2. Is she a master in bate??

Is she a master in bate


This garment is as simple to describe.. she is wearing her undies on the stage live performance.

3. Probably her designers ran short of fabric

Probably her designers ran short of fabric


I could not name this outfit but is giving a fierce competition to the clowns with an eye on her one b**b and lips on another with a single legged multicolor pant.

4. Oh! well, she deserves a crown for her daringness

Oh! well, she deserves a crown for her daringness

She is wearing a transparent dress with some oddly size colorful gems been ornamented over the surface of the dress.

5. Yay! I am a Provocateur


she is wearing lips for her bottom and eyes for her top which is so ill-fitted, totally a fashion cred.

6. I hope I’m not gonna hate pink from now


She is wearing a pink shimmer pants with a top made for the purpose only to cover her titties..and to put an icing on the cake she wore a cheap pink sunglasses and a wig.

7. Euuu… that’s a pretty crap!

that's a pretty crap


She is wearing a dazzling silver swimsuit paired with overcoat made of tinsels.

Miley Cyrus is growing up to be a super crazy nasty woman, lost all her charm and dignity. She has serious wardrobe malfunction which is insane. Her taste is a little extreme but no matter what she is a celebrity, she is a star and she could do anything and people would love and enjoy seeing her as strippy trippy!

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