7 Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

I’m pretty sure all the girls reading this will agree with me that a girl can’t ever own enough shoes. We need all kinds of shoes, and if possible, in every color too. Black pumps, nude stilettos, those combat boots – what would we not give to have them all! However, while owning every single shoe in the whole world may not be possible for all of us, I’m here to tell you the 7 basic shoes that every girl should have in her closet.

Ballet Flats



Ballet Shoes


These are our safety haven. No matter what you pair them with, be it a dress, or jeans or trousers, your ballet flats are always going to make you look perfect. Not only are they suited for a casual outing, but they can also jazz up your look for a party. Choices are endless – in colors as well as style. And the best thing about them? They’re super comfortable!

Basic Pumps



Black Pumps


Be it nude or black or any other solid color, one must own a pair of basic pumps. They can be worn for any formal occasion, and can also serve you at informal gatherings. You can pair them up with a floral dress, a pencil skirt, or even formal pants.


Flat Sandals





A girl should always have at least one pair of flat sandals. They’re great for any sort of casual outing – you can wear them with trousers, shorts, and even dresses. They’re also very comfortable to wear. You can always ditch your heels for a more relaxed look!






They are best suited with long or short floral dress, especially in summers. You can choose from an endless range of colors, from nude to pink to orange. They are the best alternative to increase your height, in case you don’t want to hurt your feet in stilettos.




sneakers 1


Gone are the days when sneakers were only meant for boys. We too can pair up our sneakers with anything – not only with jeans, but skirts, shorts etc. Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear ever, and add a masculine touch to our outfit. You can go for a wide range from Converse or Vans, among many others, depending on your style.

Combat Boots





They give you the tough look you’ve always wanted. You can always pair your combats with a leather jacket and black jeans, but if you want to go a different way, you can always team up your floral dress with those boots too! I know it may sound strange, but try creating that look and see the result for yourself! Combat boots can be paired with just about anything, if worn with confidence and style!


Ankle Boots



Black boots


Well what is there to say about Ankle boots? You can pair them up with just about anything! However, they’re best suited for the winter season – they will keep you warm as well as make you look chic in winters!

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