7 Ways To Get Over Your Shopping Addiction


In this case, be a quitter and give up shopping for your own good. If “love to shop and shop to love” is what you live for, you are surely a shopaholic and need help as all addicts need to be controlled. Do not shop till you drop. Save money for future and spend wisely. Impulsive shopping gives you momentary joy but leads to stress and guilt later for excess expenditures and also might lead to a pile of stuffs that you end up not using, in turn wasting your money. This is for those wise and strong people who have realized their condition and are looking for ways to get over their shopping addiction.

1. Understand The Reason

Know the Reason
Know the Reason.



To cure your problem, you need to get to the root of the cause and for that, you need to know and understand why do you shop. Do you shop to get over your depression, to be happy, to feel the thrill or something else? Sometimes the reason itself helps us to curb the problem.

2. Control The Situation

Control the Situation

Stop Online Shopping




You need to get a hold of your situation of buying more by controlling your impulses and emotions for shopping. Learn to make the most of what you have already. You need not buy stuffs to make yourself happy or look good.

3. Apps for Budgeting

APPS to Follow



Challenge yourself and set up a budget each month. Install and use apps to control and keep an account of your daily expenses. Make a note to only buy things that you need. Make lists to follow and make sure that you honestly follow the list and the budget.

4. Healthy Alternatives

Image speaks for itself

Once you get to know the reason, look for alternative solutions to your problem.Whenever you feel like shopping, divert your mind by going for a walk or read a book or create something from stuffs around you to recycle waste tins and bottles. In this way, it would make you feel good and productive, at the same time!

5. Pick A Hobby

Could be your new Hobby

To simply stay away from shopping, create a new hobby. Spend most of your time in learning new foreign languages or any musical instrument or do some volunteering work. This would divulge most of your time and prevent you from wasting your time on shopping, be it online or offline.

6. Stay Away From Temptations

Make List Don't Get Tempted

Steer clear of unnecessary temptations by staying far away from the Ad man. Have you noticed that the advertisements you watch often tempt you to buy the products or rather go shopping? Stay away from those luring advertisements and learn to make yourself accountable for all your shopping. If that seems to be too difficult, keep your passbook or bank account statements handy to remind you of your bank balance that might diminish if you keep shopping.

7. Change Your Environment And Get Support

If all of the above mentioned tricks did not work for you then the last and final step for you is to get into therapy, consult and talk to other shopaholics who have managed to get rid of this addiction. Get help and support from your friends and family. Change your environment, if need be. Stay away from those luring malls. Change your travelling route if there is a shopping mall on the way. Shift to another place if there is shopping place next to your house. These are extreme measures needed for extreme cases and I hope you do not need to go through this.

The main motto is not to turn you into a miser or to stop buying anything fun. Sometimes, you do need to buy things and spend your hard earned money to enjoy your life. The real goal is to make you more conscious of your shopping habits, so that you’ll develop greater control over your finances and really enjoy the purchases you make, without the dread and guilt of having spent too much. You need to have some self control and do not give into your temptations, be economical and spend wisely. As the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”; have a strong will power and I am sure you will be able to overcome this addiction easily.

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