We all go through the struggle of waking up every day and deciding what to wear, especially when we never seem to have enough clothes. For some of us, the bolder question is, “Am in the mood to look cute today?” “Do I really want to spend hours on my outfit; is it going to be worth it?”

Basically the lazy winter people just end up putting on some non-washed-wrinkly-2-year-old-sweatshirt. But winter is the season to look chic and pretty. It is the one season when you can fully cover yourself and look gorgeous. So, here are some ideas that will not have you spend all your money on expensive branded clothes but make you pull off a party look with those old blue jeans you could never let go of.




A lot can be done with hair. Styling your hair can make or break the look.

People with curly hair can just wash and blow dry it without combing, using an excellent conditioner to make it look silky and soft and the curls will be bouncing gracefully in no time.

curly hair

Straightening your hair and combing it into a very high ponytail gives you a sharp and chic look. Not only does it make your face look a little slimmer but it also highlights your cheekbones when you smile.


high ponytail

Braids always work. Having a bad hair day? Not a problem, go with a braid. It can be a side braid, a braid all the way from the left side to the right or a French braid.

You can also braid your hair, use an ironing machine over that braid, let that braid settle for five minutes and then open it. You’ll have a brand new hairstyle ready in no time.

French braid

Keeping your hair on point diverts the attention from all your other aspects, now you can walk out in teddy bear pajamas paired with faded t-shirts and nobody will think you look like a ‘homeless drug addict.’

In fact, here’s a tip, keep your hair open without styling it at all and throw in a fedora hat for a change.

open hair


Okay, I know what you are thinking. What does the face have to do with your outfit?

EVERYTHING. Trust me; a pretty face can pull off anything. So you don’t want to spend time on makeup, right? Maybe because you’re snoozy or because you don’t use makeup but that does not mean you can’t glisten.

Instead of the daily face wash, you can go with a mixture of a little bit of honey and milk, applying and keeping it on for ten minutes and washing it off. (Very effective in removing pimples if you apply daily)

honey and milk

Moisturize your face after. Now that you’re fresh and natural, a coloured lip balm would go perfectly for the lips and applying some of it on the cheeks will work as a blusher without actually having to do that.

If you’ve got thin and almost invisible eyebrows, you can use a pencil kajal to make it look thick and up your eyebrow game.

pencil kajal

Coming to the eyes, applying kajal above your eyelashes and smudging it a little will complete the look.

Also, do you have dark circles because you couldn’t get any sleep? Just put on a cold spoon and the puffiness will reduce.

kajal above your eyelashes




Piercing or no piercing, earrings always add the wow factor to any outfit. Wearing something on your ears makes you look trendy and in with it.

Our best suggestion would be hoops. Hoops are always a perfect way to go. A silver sleek hoop earring makes you look absolutely confident and bold.

It could be circular hoops or triangular ones and you can find them at any store for cheap prices.



A snood, a scarf, a shawl…It doesn’t matter what piece of cloth it is as long as it is wrapped around the neck with style. This wrapped cloth makes your entire outfit look a la mode. I mean, who can forget the green scarf from Confessions of a Shopaholic? Come on, she lied about her aunt being sick to get that scarf. Some dedication, right?

It speaks for itself.






The signature-badass-look, a jacket that can be worn on any occasion. It can make you look sexy and state-of-the-art at the same time. Our personal favorites are:




ALWAYS, we repeat, always a great look.

What you can do is, put on some ripped jeans, wear a tucked in camisole with an open button down shirt. Tie a sleek belt around your waist and for shoes, you can go with the classic Vans that are so completely in right now.

Of course that’s just an example, but you can be creative. Ripped jeans with normal cartoony t-shirt, ripped jeans with a plain white top and long loose jacket, ripped jeans with a sheer top and a biker’s jacket…

The list is endless.





Well if you’ve got boots, you don’t really need anything else, from uggs to combat, they always make you look trendy and you can leave your house without feeling underdressed.




Now you can proudly walk the ramp without spending hours on your outfits!



But remember, what you wear is creating your own style, it may not be in fashion right now but hey, as long as you’re comfortable in it, who cares? Right?




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