“Splendor Blunder”: 7 Worst Looks Of Bollywood Divas On Red Carpet!

“Fashion faux pas should be celebrated”, said the well-known Canadian model Linda Evangelista. I feel some of our bollywood divas have taken this statement of hers way too seriously! 😉 Some of our bollywood divas have ended up looking disastrous at times, and that too, on the red carpet! Bollywood award nights are one of  those big fat events where we look up to who is wearing what and how well have they pulled it! But there have been some really UGLY fashion disasters on the red carpet, even by Bollywood’s best known fashionistas. So, here is a list of some of those Bollywood actors and their eye popping outfits (not in a good way AT ALL!) worn on the red carpet!


gauhar khan

WHERE: 21st Life Okay Screen Awards 2015

This piece worn by Gauhar Khan definitely reminds me of an orange ice lolly. The orange is just TOO MUCH! The tightly tied hair is making the look even more creepy. The pink gloss and her makeup is giving her a very pale and drained out look! A complete faux pas on the red carpet!



WHERE: Star Box Office India Awards, 2014

The upper part of this outfit is still bearable, but the lower turquoise/sea green portion, is just a big mess! It looks like a gift wrapper shabbily wrapped! There is no flow, no shape, no pattern in this garment, just a tasteless mismatch ensemble of fabrics! The hair and make-up are just not helping to lift up the look anyhow. So altogether, a very shabby look!


sonakshi sinha

WHERE: 19th Screen Awards 2013

Sonakshi’s ‘wanna look like an egyptian goddess’ trial failed badly! She is rather resembling a lady Bappi Lahiri in the making with all that ugly gold. The slits are making the garment look even worse. The back is also not creating any wonders, the pattern falling on the hip..uh! no comments! Just a big thumbs down for this look!


aishwarya rai

WHERE: Cannes, 2013

This black and gold sari by Sabyasachi is just too much! There is nothing classy about this outfit, the embroidery is also just too gaudy! The  former Miss World failed to nail it with this pick of hers. The ugly headband/tiara just ruins the look even more. A huge disappointment!


ekta kapoor

WHERE: Star Guild Awards, 2014

Umm, she is not new to this list! This dress of Ekta reminds me of the beautiful curtains used for home decor! Ill-fitted, bad choice of colors and moreover, its off-shoulder pattern, everything is adding on to the shabbiness of the look! Her hair and those ugly black platforms, are adding on to the ‘bad-mess’ that she is looking!


Huma quereshi

WHERE: Stardust awards, 2014

Looking at this ‘wanna-be-avant-garde’ garment, I can just think of one thing-balloons! That blue and that white blown up thing is just not happening! The garment is simply uncouth! The hair and make-up are okay, but almost negligible because one cannot take off the eyes from the garment ( because it’s so ugly!).




This Grand Masti beauty looked no less than a lady Mithun Chakravarty in disco dancer! It’s just too much of  GOLD! That is just not how you look like a ‘sparkling beauty’, even the fitting is making her look heavier and bulkier than she is, the headband is adding to the “disco feel”, but in a ‘not-so-stylish’ way! Altogether, a big fashion disaster!

So, girls, we see that even the stylish fashionistas of our Bollywood industry can make blunders (BIG ONES) that too!;) So next time before following your favorite Bollywood diva as your style guru, just don’t be a blind follower because even they can be wrong (at times, though)! 😀

Stay stylish and stay careful 😉

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