8 Celeb Engagement Rings That Will Make You Jealous

They say love is priceless. Here are some who are willing to cash in and it requires a couple of extra zeros. As the saying goes, “If you love it, put a ring on it.” But celebs make sure that the ring comes along with some heavy bling as well. Take a look below to see million pounds of sparkle.

*Warning you might be temporarily blinded*.


Kate Middleton

Worth: £300000
Popularly known as the “Commoner’s Sapphire” has nothing to do with the common man. The ring is a 12 carat oval Ceylon sapphire and has 18 carat white gold.




Worth: $5million

Jay-Z confessed his undying love for his lady by popping the question by an 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz.



Kim K Wedding ring

Worth: $1.6million
Kanye West teamed up with Kim’s favourite jewellery designer and friend – Lorraine Schwartz to design the 15 carat sparkler which the reality star loves to flaunt.


 Aniston wedding ring

Worth: $500000
Jenny bagged the giant bauble worth a fortune from her fiancé Justin Theroux. It is an 18 carat radiant cut diamond. Guess Jen just got luckier this time.




Worth: £4million
We can’t just begin to count the perks of being wedded to David Beckham. But owning a collection of 13 engagement rings just tops the charts. The singer-turned-designer not only owns the best wardrobe dresses but her engagement ring’s collection goes unmissed.




Worth: $250,000
After a year’s long tenure with collaborated jeweller Robert Procop Brad had the perfect 16 carat sparkle adorned on his wife’s finger. Guess doing it the 2nd time gives him an edge.


Aishwarya Rai Ring

Worth: Rs5million
Being wedded to a former Miss World can be demanding. But the younger Bachchan wooed this angel by a huge 53 carat-one glittering rock. He really went all “Big B” this time.


shilpa shetty

Worth: Rs3million
Bollywood stars are no where lagging behind when it comes to the rock on their finger.
The 20 carat flawless solitaire came handy to the former Miss World when she said “yes” to the wealthy businessman.

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