8 Dieting Myths That Are Secretly Causing You Harm!

The word “Diet” is as magical as it’s scary. It can magically give you a healthy and in-shape physique but can cause you harm if followed improperly. We would generally just bunk a few meals per day, avoid chocolates and cakes, and survive on soup to maintain a so called “diet”.

*pin-point this*

This is what is causing you harm!
So, here I’m going to debunk a few myths about dieting that are absolutely useless for reducing weight.

1) Skipping Breakfast:


Skipping breakfast each morning seems like a harmless thing to do. You think you can curb your appetite by bunking meals. But this may keep make you hungry at odd hours and you may end up eating food that you’ll regret later. It is advised to eat a breakfast that is high in protein and fibre that keeps your digestion healthy.

2) Mind your Drink:

calories in drinks

We often tend to look past the calories in our drinks. Be it a mojito or a soda can, the calories in these drinks are often too high and these liquid calories don’t curb your hunger either. So having a high calorie drink to curb your hunger is just not smart.

3) One Glass More:

one glass more

Drinking too little water gets you dehydrated and your metabolism gets dragged which in turn results in reduced calorie burn. So slower weight loss. Hence, drink a healthy amount of water each day and specially more after your meals.

4) Don’t Ditch Dairy:

dont ditch dairy

Dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream are a taboo to dieters. But this may not be right. It is proved that a body burns more fat when given enough calcium and reduces fat burning when deprived of calcium. So avoiding dairy altogether is not a good idea. Try to stick to non-fat or low-fat dairy products.

5) Bunking Meals:

bunking meals

It is seen that a 2 hour gap is healthy between each meal. Staying hungry for too long and curbing your appetite may not only increase your weight but also tends to increase the chances of gastritis problems. Try eating healthy low-fat snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not stay empty stomach for long hours.

6) Do Not Gobble Your Food:

GOBBLEchew food properly

Most of us eat in a hurry either due to time limits or we are simply habituated in that way. Eating your food faster will neither get you a prize nor burn your calories. Eat your food slowly, chew it properly and break it down before swallowing, this process starts burning the calories at a very early stage.

7) The 7 PM Myth:

7 pm myth

Yes, you can eat after 7 pm. And no, it won’t turn you into a pumpkin. But make sure you have a 90 mins gap between your last meal and sleeping so that you have time to digest it properly.
Moreover, it is advised to eat 70% of your calorie intake before 7 pm and 30%
after, if you have no choice but to eat after 7 pm.

8) Overeating Healthy Food:


Since nuts are healthy or Chicken is low-calorie you cannot eat it as much as you want. Remember IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PORTIONS. So, maintain your portions no matter how healthy or organic or low-calorie the food may be.
Above all remember,

A healthy mind creates a healthy body.

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