8 Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2015

Diwali is probably the most celebrated festival in India!! Come Diwali and every house is lit up with diyas and lights; people are seen wearing bright new dresses; there is sound of crackers everywhere; lights in the skies; aromas drifting from kitchens and joy all around. During this festive time, no matter how good your sweets taste or how enigmatic you look, I think that the doorstep that welcomes your guests should be the hero of the day, because it will the first impression of you on everyone. As everyone says, “First impression is the best impression”. And invariably in every household it is the colourful rangolis and kolams that welcome everyone. So here is a list of 8 beautiful and gorgeous rangoli designs to adorn your doorsteps this Diwali!


easy rangoli lamp

We’ll start with a simple rangoli design. It has been drawn free hand so you needn’t worry about number of dots and such things. Since it has been drawn with many intersecting lines, it is very easy to execute and can be done so without much fuss. Colours of your choice can be given but just make sure your rangoli looks vibrant at the end of it.


rangoli with a twist


This is the kind of design we all hope to achieve someday! But don’t you worry, this is an actually a simple design. If you notice, it has again been drawn free hand. You can start with the square in the middle and then draw the enclosing boundary on all sides. Then after decorating the square, you can develop on the diyas. This will give an amazing look, as it looks modern (without the traditional circular type rangoli) and also represents the colours of Diwali, i.e., orange, yellow, red and green.


rangoli circles

As you can see, there is nothing you need to draw except circles for this one!! It is very simple, yet looks striking because of the placement of the diyas and choice of colours for the rangoli.


geometric rangoli

At a distance it looks like a geometric design, but up close you can see that it is just a rather twisted and enmeshed version of the simple circle. The petal designs on the outer ring have been made inter connected and that is what makes this design so attractive and classy!


simple pattern

This is a pattern you can opt for, if you have run out of colours or if you can’t find any colour powders. This one lets the diyas shine through, yet the simple white base also makes a statement.


flower design

You can also choose to do make a rangoli with flowers and decorate it with lamps, and make your rangoli unique and different indoors.


yellow and orange rangoli


Since Diwali is the festival of lights, yellow and orange is seen almost everywhere. This rangoli celebrates these two colours. It looks simple, but from a distance it literally screams brightness!


lamp as centerpiece

I think that this free hand rangoli summarises the entire concept of Diwali. It has the traditional lamp as the centerpiece and is decorated with vibrant colours.

Put on those creative shoes and paint your entrance red, yellow, green! The messier you get, the better the festive mood. Have fun!

Happy Diwali!

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