8 Footwear must haves!

We women are crazy about heels. Obviously after diamonds our best friends are those pumps/ flats/ kitten or stiletto heels that we carry and you gotta agree, you love them more than your crushes 😉
But there are always some shoes that you love more than the other ones but then there are shoes that you NEED more than others!
So here’s my list of 8 footwears that you need in that pretty little shoe rack.

1. Nude Pumps

Nude Pumps
Nude has always been the fashion. They goes with anything and everything. Be it skirts, jeans, dresses, neons, pinks and whites, just anything! A pair of nude pumps in your shoe rack is always a life saver.

2. Peep Toes

Peep Toes
You always want to flaunt your lovely toes with that pretty nail paint you got a while ago but, you don’t want to show it off too much. So what is it that keeps such situation in your favour? Peep Toes! These are really easy to carry and gives an ultimate vogue effect to your complete outfit.

3. Shoes

Girls be like eew who wears shoes to places other than gym?!
But you gotta agree with me they are really comfortable and you’d love to wear them not just to gym or yoga classes but, to mall, to movies or even college! With the variety of shoes in pretty prints, it has managed to get into the designers’ sight again! Not only are they really comfortable but can also give the perfect fashion statement if you carry them with a little caution.

4. Ankle Straps

Ankle strap

Everyone want long legs but very few get that wish fulfilled. But, worry not! Because ankle strap footwear will help you give the illusion of longs by a barely there ankle strap. Also, it you don’t like straps then you can explore the market a little and you’d be able to find a huge range of pretty ankle strap heels with anklet styled straps which looks really cute!

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats
These are my all time favourite. I have them in blue, black, red, orange, pink, almost all the colours! Not only are they really inexpensive but also they are cute and comfortable!

6. Metallic Heels

Metallic Heels
These heels are love.
When you make a sudden Saturday night plan and you’re not in a mood to spend a lot of time deciding what to wear and how to wear, then trust you me on this one that these metallic heels will be your knight in the shinning armour!

7. Flat Sandal

Flat Sandal
What all do you need in summers? Shorts, sleeveless top, a cute bun and a pair of pretty and comfy flats in that irate head. Flat sandals are your escape plan which can be carried with any kinda clothes and still manage to make those heads turn at once 😉

8. Flip Flops

Flip Flops
Flip Flops have come into fashion once again. And with the latest designer flip flops, they’ve become an even bigger hit! People say there’s nothing like comfortable fashion but, flip flops have made it real. You ought to have a pair of these to add funk to your dresses because you don’t have to be simple and elegant all the time, sometimes junky and funky is the look! ?

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