8 Hairstyles To Try With Indian Wear

Back in the days, girls mainly wore a salwar or a sari. The jeans and skirt trend was around but not that much of a rage. Even the hairstyles were a simple braid or a classic bun. Time went by, we got Hollywood on our TV screens and then boom, technology happened. We got bombarded with the Internet and then Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook happened. That opened a whole pandora’s box of fashion and style to lay our eyes on.

Now, we girls do know the importance of dressing up perfectly. We have to totally match our accessories and make-up and hairstyles with our outfit. It is a tough job as there are so many different styles and ways to wear an outfit.

But among all this jazz, our go-to outfit still remains our gorgeous Indian wear. Of course, nowadays the girls don’t go the salwar or sari way only. We have got Kurtis and Indo-western wear to show off our desi touch. Just the way Indian wear has been stylized, I think it’s time we checked out some fun hairstyles to match our outfits.

Listed below are some fun fusion hairstyles which are typically pretty western but you could definitely try with Indian wear.

1. Messy Fishtails


Fishtail braid should be the official go-to hairstyle for Indian wear. It is so chic and funky. The best one would be to do a messy fishtail braid and maybe, you could take it up a notch by making a puff on the crown of your head for a little change.


Tip: You could attach hair accessories like cute metallic shiny buttons into your braid to make it look fun.

Outfit Tip: This hairstyle is perfect to pair up with gorgeous salwars and Kurtis or some Indo -western outfit.

2. Half Up-Half Down


This is a very simple and easy hairstyle to try. All you got to do is section your top hair and take them across each other, pinning them on the way. Simple, isn’t it? Make sure you have combed out your knots.

Tip: After pinning your hair, you could create slight waves in the remaining hair at the bottom.

Outfit Tip: This hairstyle will go great for low-neck blouse-sari or salwars or even ghagra-cholis with low necks.

2. Donut Bun with Braid

I bet all of you must be familiar with the Donut Bun. Give the classic bun a cute twist with the braid.


All you need to do is flip your head down and divide your hair into the upper and lower part. Now, start braiding the lower part of your hair. Once you hit the center of your head, close the braid by creating a ponytail with the upper part of your hair. Tease your tail with your comb and fold it into a bun to create this look. You can make the braid on the top, around or at the bottom of your head. For doing around the bun, you need to separate your hair from the sides, make the braid on each side and close them. Then take the remaining hair and tie it up into a bun and secure the finished braids around the bun.

Tip: This hairstyle is a playground for accessorizing. You can do with maang-tikas, headbands, metallic pins. It’s a whole new level of experimentation. Just make sure that whatever you wear should suit you.

Outfit Tip: The bun has been worn for ages along with saris. Since a funky braid has been added, one could try this look for cocktail parties along with a sari or even long kurtas.

3. Side Ponytail


The simplest hairstyle but at the same time requires a tad bit of styling. Work your beautiful hair into a side ponytail and style the tail maybe as some loose waves or pretty, long curls. If you have side bangs or fringes, this hairstyle can work even better.

Tip: Don’t crowd in here. Simple is the key.

Outfit Tip: This hairstyle can be paired up with any casual Indian wear like simple kurtas and/or indo-western wear.


4. Side Braid Left Hair


Another simple classic hairstyle that is perfect for Indian wear. Style your with a single braid on one side and leave the rest of your hair open. You could keep the hair left open sleek straight or make them go wavy. Make sure to bring your left open hair on one side of your head. That will help draw attention to your braid. You could also experiment with the braids – French, Dutch, Twist.

Tip: Make sure that you pin your braid securely beneath the left open hair. Use thin pin type clips to do so.

Outfit Tip: This hairstyle is the most versatile of all, as this can be combined with all – Sari, Salwar Kameez, Ghagras/Lehngas/ Shararas, Indo-western. This is the backup hairdo for any Indian wear.


5. Headband Chignon


Chignons are so pretty and elegant. You could totally make one with the help of a cute metallic headband.


All you got to do is secure the headband on the crown of your head. And start tucking the hair from the front of your hairline into the elastic from behind. Keep working with the rest of your hair in the same way. Make sure to tuck your hair with bobby pins. This hairstyle is a good spin from the usual updos and buns.
Tip: Choose simple metallic headbands. They will spark up your hairstyle.

Outfit Tip: This is the perfect hairstyle for a sari. As mentioned above, the buns have always been a staple for sari but if you are looking for a change in style then this headband chignon is the way to go to add a zing to your whole sari look.


6. Easy Hairstyles with Waves


Now, waves or wavy hair is the most favored hairstyle by girls. It looks great in a medium as well as long hair. And the best part is you can do your waves at home without the assistance of hot iron or any other appliance. All you got to do is braid your hair real tight and keep it like that for as long as you can. And just before you about go out, open the braids, lightly detangle any knots and you are ready to go.
Tip: You could pin your hair on the sides if you want.

Outfit Tip: Waves look so pretty and they are a perfect combination of the salwar kameez look. Be it a churidar or patialas or parallels. This hairstyle is sure to grab eyeballs.

7. Twist Ponytail

This hairstyle requires a bunch of bobby pins but it’s so easy and a great look for Indian wear.


You basically separate 2 sections of hair each from both sides of your head. Now tie up the remaining hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. Now take one section of hair from one side and start twisting and wrap it around the ponytail and pin it. Do the same for the other side. Voila! You are now ready to wow everyone.
Tip: You can decorate your hair with tiny flower accessories. They will look so cute.

Outfit Tip: This hairstyle is great when paired with the indo-western outfits. So many times, we girls have to make do with either a ponytail or loose hair. But this twisted ponytail is the right way to go when we want to don the indo-western look.

So girls, don’t shy away from trying something new with your hair the next time you wear a desi outfit. Give your hairstyle the required zing. These easy hairstyles are all worth it.
Happy Hairstyling with these easy hairstyles!!!!



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