8 Menswear Blogs You Need To Follow

Menswear is having such a moment right now because of all the designers finally spicing things up for our male counterparts for the runway. So, what’s a better time to start keeping tabs on the who’s who and what’s what of the menswear world. Let me tell you, the guys have just as good blogs as the ladies if not better and funnier. I personally love how tongue in cheek the men’s fashion writing is, they are all such a fun and savvy read, always having a trick up their sleeves. So here are some of the best lads on the block in no particular order:

Kate Loves Me

kate loves me

Pelayo Diaz is a Saint Martins graduate based in Paris. He isn’t just a blogger but a front row regular and demands an important creative voice in the Fashion scene. He’s a male blogger who also loves women wear and has candid opinions on everything fashion.

I Am Galla 

i am galla


Adam Gallagher isn’t just blessed with dashing good looks but has amazing style. I haven’t one outfit where anything was any less than absolutely on point. And he is always travelling, so much so that he actually has a “Current Location” widget on his blog. I always swoon over his Instagrams.

What My Boyfriend Wore

what my boyfriend wore

‘A dandy’s diary about all things dapper’ or so he claims and yes, he quite lives up to the role. Started by his former girlfriend, what initially started as a daily snap of his outfits now covers all good stylish men to inspire other good stylish men!

The Gentleman Blogger

the gentleman blogger

Matthew Zorpas was featured on Esquire UK’s best dressed list and you should head right over to his blog to find out why! He wears double breasted suits almost every day and he sure knows how to experiment with his colours and dapper ties. A definite man to inspire your gently style cravings.

One Dapper Street

one dapper street

Marcel Floruss is just a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it. He has that uber youthful and chill style that is just cool. He’s the dude for your daily dose of effortless looking style that is just the right amount of put together!

Scout Sixteen

scout sixteen

Justin Livinston’s 3 main loves are whiskey, good times and french bulldogs; I like him already. His style has travelled from Tennessee to New York in the best way possible. He covers everything from style, travel, home and music on a budget.

Four Pins

four pins

It’s the place for men’s style, gear and culture. Embrace their high-end streetwear pictures and tongue in cheek comments along with it. We love ourselves some good smart but snarky words with our fashion images.

Real Men Swear

real men swear

They call themselves ‘Another fu**ing menswear blog’ but I assure you it is far from that. It is such an addictive tumblr that you can’t stop scrolling (which is the case with everything tumblr, but nevertheless.) They serve you up with a dose of sassy menswear with a whole lot of humor to accompany it. How can that ever be a bad combination?

As we can see, there are so many menswear bloggers with their many different preferences and these were my personal favourites! Feel free to enlighten me if you can find some better gents!

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