8 Signs That Tell You Are Addicted To Shopping!

There are several types of shopaholics; Compulsive shopaholics who shop when they are feeling emotional distress, Trophy shopaholics who are always shopping for the perfect item, Bargain seekers who purchase items they don’t need because they are on sale and a few more. Though these are different types of shopaholics, they all have one common excuse to give: Retail therapy, the typical sister term for shopping addicts, meaning shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or stress, it is normally a short-lived habit.

But what if this habit isn’t short and is rather something that you always want? Too much of anything makes the person an addict. Look further to find out if you’re a shopping addict!

1. You Spend Hours Exploring Stuff Online


Confession time: I myself can relate to it. If I have free time, I’m likely to be exploring stuff online. It’s the new saga of online shopping! Do you tend to spend hours looking at different shades of blush nail polish or searching for the perfect red lipstick? Do you keep on clicking links after links to see some new coats and jumpers? Maybe, this is all a part of the shopaholic pattern within you!

2. You Lie About How Much You Spent

You Lie About How Much You Spent

If you feel the need to say “Ma, I got it on sale” every time to drive away your guilt, then you might be addicted to shopping. Feeling guilty about purchases is normal for someone who deals with a shopping addiction. Try taking a friend for accountability, and ask her to help you be objective about each purchase you make!

3. Shopping Is What You Turn To When You Are Emotional

Shopping Is What You Turn To When You Are Emotional

You’ve heard the term “Emotional Eating” before, right? Well, there is also a term called “Emotional Shopping”! If you are stressed out, worried, excited, or lonely, and the first thing you do is rush to the mall, that’s a red signal right there. There is nothing wrong with browsing the racks to unwind after a long day, but if it becomes an everyday habit, you may want to seek help! Having shopping as your Agony Aunt is not that good an option after all.

4. You Have Maxed Out Several Credit Cards

You Have Maxed Out Several Credit Cards

Credit cards are dangerous things! Have you maxed out two or more on shopping alone? Oh no no no..! It can be easier to spend money with a credit card than with cash, so start taking cash only when you shop to see if that makes a difference in your spending habits.

5. Nothing Else Is As Appealing As Shopping

Nothing Else Is As Appealing As Shopping

Have you ever turned down invitations to do things because you would rather shop? Or decided at the last minute to back out of a previous commitment in favor of shopping? Shopping addictions can get serious, so if you notice yourself doing this often, then please seek help! Shopping Hibernation ain’t good, ladies!

6. Neglecting Bills

Neglecting Bills

Bills should always be your priority, but shopping addicts will often spend frivolously before paying rent or the electric bill. They then find that they don’t have enough to cover the bills. If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to change habits before they get you in serious trouble. Think Confessions of a Shopaholic.

7. Hoarding Items You Never Wear

Hoarding Items You Never Wear

Take a look inside your closets. How many items are in there that you never wear? And how many items still have the tags on? If the answer is ‘quite a lot…okay, a lot,’ then you could be on your way to developing a shopaholic status. This isn’t a desirable way to be, so you need to start cutting down your shopping before it really gets out of hand.

8. There’s Always Something On Your Wishlist

Lastly, observe. There’s always something that you want, something or the other that you apparently claim to “not have” or is “in” now. You do get it out of the list, but not by letting it go, know what I mean?!

Shopping is an amazing thing ! It’s one of the feelings where time just flies, and you have sparks and you’re always excited about it. It’s like love. Okay, maybe not so much. But you get the drift, right?  However, getting addicted to anything is harmful, be it as chemical as drugs or as expensive as shopping! The intensity of the seriousness remains the same. So, if you connect with these points, start checking yourself. It’s never too late.

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