8 Stunning Stage Decoration Ideas For Indian Weddings

It’s time to start sparkling because wedding season is around the corner! With wedding outfits, sweets, guest lists, lighting arrangements, and caterers, there’s a lot to take in and figure out. Planning a wedding can be hectic and it takes a lot of effort and time to ensure that everything is perfect on the special day. But something that outshines all the other arrangements you have put together is the centre stage. The whole purpose of decorating the stage is to make your wedding a memorable one, a plus point being your wedding pictures will look fabulous (which is all anyone looks back on).

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Here are some gorgeous stage decoration ideas that can dazzle up your wedding day:

1. White And Pink

White and Pink Stage Decor(2) White And Pink Stage Decor

Drapes of pink satin with white will create a soothing backdrop and leave quite a daring statement. You can also add flowers and window drops to make it lovelier.


2. Hangings, Curtains, And Drapes

Bright Hangings Stage Decor

Bright hangings and curtains, with satin drapes in the background will give the stage a romantic backdrop for your wedding day. Adding crystals will add energy to the decorations and you’ll definitely have a stunning wedding!


3. Drape Of Satin

Satin Drapes Stage Decor

They say, ‘Less is more’- and we agree! A simple drape of satin curtain across the stage is an elegant and classy look. An off white or pink, match them to the rest of the wedding decor and have everyone compliment your effort!


4. All-White

all white Stage Decor(2) all white Stage Decor

You might think an all-white backdrop will have the stage looking dead, but think again! If dressed right with flowers and pillars, it can give a classy, elegant, and even a sophisticated feel to the entire stage. Some bright white lights in the background and you’re good to go.


5. Satin, Flowers, Satin, Flowers

Satin And Flowers Stage Decor(2) Satin And Flowers Stage Decor

Glamorous and romantic, a combination of light satin and fresh flowers will leave a dramatic set up. Your stage will not only look beautiful, but smell amazing too.


6. Pastel All The Way

pastel stage decor.

Pastel shades can be used for a more subtle stage set up. Combing satin curtains of two colours with flowers will give an interesting background and the bouquets will add liveliness and romance to the entire stage.


7. Red And Gold

red and gold stage decor 2 red and gold Stage Decor(2)

You can never go wrong with this traditional combination. Red stands for love and gold for prosperity. They are important colours in Indian culture and more important, glamorous too! These royal colours leave a stunning fancy backdrop.


8. Royal Gold

red and gold Stage Decor royal gold stage decor

Bold enough for gold? A classic centre stage backdrop with gold pillars and arches are guaranteed to make your  wedding photos stand out. Moreover, it gives a rich and sensational feel to all present.


Who’s ready to balle-balle?

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