8 tips to a fashionable yet safe Diwali

Diwali, as we know is the color of lights. To dress up right for any event definitely takes up a good amount of skill. As fashionistas if there’s something we should disagree on, it is that dressing up well means looking good as well as being comfortable in our clothes and footwear. I know some of you reading this at the moment are undeniably hiding a smile. Yes, the ones in love with fashion on this planet do find themselves wearing 6 inch heels quite often and though our feet ache after the party’s over, we know it was completely worth it.
But let’s make it a point to dress up comfortably for festivals. If you burst crackers and have hundreds of family members and friends partying with you, ditching the heels might be the best option.


So a few tips to a fashionable and harmless Diwali:

1) Dress up comfortably

Yes, this means that if you aren’t comfortable in your gorgeous 6 inch stilettoes, ditch them. Running around in comfortable footwear might just prove to be more fun for once. This also means that if you aren’t comfortable showing off your cleavage, make sure your outfit’s neck isn’t too deep or loose for if you bend, your tatas are certainly on display!


2) Dress traditional but modify your look

If you’re wearing a lehenga take care your dupatta isn’t too long and the same goes for your saree’s pallu even though long pallus look elegant. It’ll just save you from setting yourself on fire. Another savior could be wrapping your pallu around your waist while the crackers are being burst. And obviously wrapping your pallu around that way does indeed define your sexy figure too!


3) Avoid heavy dress material

For those of you attending Diwali dance parties, you might just end up sweating severely and quite frankly, no matter how much perfume you spray, the fragrance is going to leave your side in a few hours and obviously no one wants to be around a sweaty person. Those sweat patches look ugly too. So choose your dress material wisely.


4) Ditch the flowy bottoms

While palazzos and the princess-shaped lehengas are quite setting the trend right now, they are definitely not the ideal attires while you’re playing with fire (literally).


5) Choose leggings over patialas

While patialas get our desi swag on point, leggings quite obviously are the safer option for Diwali. A more fashionable tip- wear figure hugging long kurtis to enhance your figure or a straight fit long kurti with leggings if you’re on the chubbier side.


6) Be wise with your hair

Leaving your hair loose makes you more prone to getting your hair burnt thanks to the phuljharis. If you have long hair, go with a messy hair updo but not too messy! Make sure your updo isn’t too heavy for your head though. And if your hair’s short, you could safely leave it open and pull off your look.


7) Accessorize

Accessories complete any ethnic look with a certain charm. Always choose your earrings depending on the shape of your face. If you have a long face, go for long earrings like diamond shaped earrings. If you have a rounder face, you’d do well with round earrings. Although, make sure the earrings aren’t too heavy for your ears. A style tip- Find earrings of the same color as the work on your attire.


8) Choose colors that complement Diwali

Whatever you choose to wear, spice it up with a little brightness or sparkle here and there. After all, it is the festival of lights! And sparkle does no one any harm, it in fact makes you stand out of the crowd. Bear in mind, no one likes to squint their eyes when the colors you wear are too bright or the sparkle is in excess. So be careful while choosing your outfit!


Your Diwali can be both fashionable and safe. All you need is a little caution. Have a safe and Happy Diwali.

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