8 Unusual Shades of Lipstick you do not wear often!

Of course, true beauty comes from within, makeup just adds a little pizzazz and having fun with it is every girl next door first love. Lipsticks are really magical, it holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day! So, girlies put on some lipstick and live a little.Lipsticks are a great fun and the best way to accentuate the look. Available in interesting colors, it’s been my favorite sport to try out new and distinctive colors. RosyReds and PeachyPinks work well and looks luscious on my lips but sometimes it’s good to be out of the box and try something innovative.

Rundown a little to help yourself aware about the other amazing liprogues…

Black Velvet


Have a deep dark posh pout with the playful black. It looks elegant and is the most desirable color of runways and is not just restricted to gothic look. Black Lipstick are a yin to your yang so save it for the fall!

Juicy Yellow

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This is a fun and stunning color and absolutely a compliment to your lips. Brighten up your smile with youthful yellow and kiss the sunshine. It’s the most daring colors and looks gorgeous on tans and darker skin tone women’s.

Blue Berry

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Look cool with the icy blue. It’s not anymore a strange color to pull off and is a pretty inclusion to your vanity.One can find it in soft shades and deep tones, so ladies keep digging your new ritz.

Fancy Green


It gimme peace! Green lipsticks are definitely a head turner and if you desire for a flamboyant and expressive look then just grab this classic piece and be prepared for some starry eyes.

Plumpy Purple


Blazen up yourself with fabulous shades of purple like lilac, lavender and voilets which are little unseen yet chic. These shades are made of pink hints and look very beautiful with a soft sheen and gloss.

Orange Seduction

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Look hot in the rich warm orange lippie, the most safer shade for every skintone. It’s elegant and comfortable to wear and adds a dash of pop to your lubricious lips.

Burgundy Posh


Bust out your dark lip colors this fall and burgundy is the loveliest color to adore. It mixes well with all skin tones and with a hint of reds, burgandy looks superflous and sugary. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup neutral so that it does not look over-the-top.

Brown Cocaine


Chocolate brown is a perfect lippie for a flattering finesse. It’s a classic rustic and brightens up the face in a sophisticated manner, best suited for warmer skin tones oozing out the charm in her.

Here you all the dainty connoisseur’s, doll up your rosy lips with amazing rogues that suits your skin and tone perfectly well and give ritzy reds and pouty pinks a little rest. Lipsticks are like toffee to me with attractive packaging and great smell and is a reason for women’s happiness. A little bit of lippy and a pout selfie wouldn’t go a miss :*

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