9 Everyday Mistakes that cause Unhealthy Skin

Do you know that everything you do reflects on your skin? Yes! How you sleep, what you eat and how often do you shave- absolutely everything will decide how healthy your skin really is. Here are 9 everyday mistakes we make which prevent the glow from within. Here’s what not to do for healthier skin!

9. One side sleep can cause : Wrinkles

One side sleep can cause : Wrinkles

Sleeping on one side or stomach creates furrow on the one side of your face, to minimize your wrinkles, sleep on your back. You may snore but you will long when aged too.


 8. Use moisture creams & exit soaps

Use moisture creams & exit soaps

Anything that makes your skin feel squeaky-clean is stripping out all the moisture and that’s not good. If your skin is sensitive and dry skin, wash with gentle or moisturizing cleanser, not soap.

7. Keep hands away from acne & throw mirror

Keep hands away fom acne & throw mirror

Mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are, please , please throw your magnifying mirrors. It makes you squeeze your acne, which is the worst thing you do to your skin. If you have acne, think of your face as a no-fly zone for your hands.


6. Protect your skin from sun

Protect your skin from sun

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not going to hydrate your skin, which is affected by your environment. If you’re in a place with dry heat , you can drink water all day long & your skin will still be dry.If you’re in a humid place, your skin will be pilled up no matter how much water you drink.

5. Athletic People

Athletic People

A rigorous exercise will make you fitter, but it won’t make you look younger .Thinner & athletic people over age 40 have less fat under their skin and can look older than overweight people.

 4. Cracked Toes

Cracked Toes

Got cracks between your toes? People get embarrassed when I tell them this, but it’s often caused by fungus. Creams can clear it up, sprinkle an antifungal powder into socks & shoes so your feet don’t get reinfected.

 3. Wash Your Hands 

Wash Your Hands

It could be poison down there. To prevent allergies caused by your excreta, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap when you come in from the lavatory.


2. Alcohol-free towelettes

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If you hit the pillow at night without cleansing your skin you may land into a skin related problem. If you are usually tired and would not make the effort to cleanse keep a box of alcohol-free towelettes on your night stand, grab one as you fall on the bed and swab your face.


1. Don’t Shave

Don't Shave

Shaving says a lot about a man like, “I’m the one.” Are razor bumps ruining your life? Shave either everyday or never. Shaving every other day causes the most problems because the hairs get long enough to curl back.

These were certain everyday mistakes you may be making which are preventing your skin to be healthy from within. Irrelevant, as they may seem, they are not as much! So here’s how to get better skin that glows from within.

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