9 Festive Season Gift ideas for your Boyfriend

It is the festival season and we are on a gifting spree. Gifts for our sisters , best-friends , families , small kids. It is always so easy to gift all of them something. But what about our boyfriends? As it is, it is so tough to think of something to gift boys other than a t-shirt or a key-chain etc. And now , with the festive season coming up , what could you gift your boyfriend that would be special and thoughtful at the same time.

Don’t worry! Below is a list of 9 great gift ideas that your boyfriend would love to receive this festive season.


1. Gift your man an awesome grooming kit

Grooming Kit for Men - Happily Unmarried

Men like to keep themselves up-to-date and organized. A grooming kit is perfect for a festive occasion. For example , the range from Happily Unmarried – Ustraa , contains face-wash , body-wash , shaving cream , after-shave balm , hair wax and it also has a beard & mooch tonic. You can gift these items individually or as a whole kit. They also provide a travel kit and a pouch. This festive season make your man look and feel good.

2. Funky Painting


This festive season , why not make their rooms colorful. Gift your man an awesome and funky painting. A fun painting changes the ambience of a normal room and it also makes for great conversation starters at parties. Below is an example of a funky painting by Chumbak from their new collection ‘One’.

3. Customized Shirt


Tired of strolling around your favorite stores but still not getting the kind of shirt that you want for your man? Don’t worry. This festive season , you can design and customize the exact kind of shirt that you want your man to wear. Go to 16stitches.com and get cracking on the kind of fabric , designs , and prints that you want and surprise your boyfriend with something that is special and unique and something that only he will own.

4. Jewellery

man jewellery

Why not gift your man some jewellery. Don’t look so confused , I’m talking about dress jewellery like cufflinks , tie-pins , shirt studs. Most of the girls and guys themselves will agree that men look best when dressed in formal wear. So why not make the whole look more special by gifting these elegant pieces to give that sharp look and enhance the festive celebrations.

5. Electronic accessories –

electronic gifts

Gift your boyfriend some hardcore electronic goodies like Bluetooth speakers , mobile phone stands , usb chargers . It would be a good idea to make a hamper of multiple accessories and gift your boyfriend so that he can enjoy the festive season uninterrupted and fully charged.

6. Trekking Trip

adventure trip

Why not plan a fun trekking or camping trip with your boyfriend? So many times your boyfriend accompanies you to your many shopping trips or for that romantic movie. So now , why don’t you plan a fun adventure trip for your boyfriend. Imagine the happiness he would feel when he will come to know that you planned a cool trip for him.

7. Tools

camping_cutlery_tool_set_1-Tappu ki dukaan

Boys love to go on a night out or camping. You could make a gift package of Knife , fork , spoon , bottle & can opener , cork-screw and some general hardwares. For more fun , pack it all in a cool camping rucksack to give a complete macho look. This will ensure his festive party scenes will be fully loaded.

8. Gift Cards

fastrack gift card

Confused entirely what gift to buy and whether or not he will like it? Don’t fret because that is why gift cards are made. For example , Fastrack has this awesome option of presenting your loved one with a gift card ranging from Rs.100 to Rs10,000. So get a gift card and let your boyfriend go crazy for wallets , sunglasses , helmets and what not

9. Gift Basket


Last but not the least , you could always give your boyfriend a gift basket. You could put in some vintage items and some sweets and dry-fruits , his favorite movies for the long holidays coupled with some of the above items mentioned here.

So , with the gifts for the boyfriend all sorted , all of you can enjoy the fabulous festive season and enjoy your holidays with your loved ones.

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