9 Outfits to style with your ankle boots

Ankle boots are the perfect transition footwear from summer to fall to winter. Efficient and comfortable, they are what you grab and put on, when in a hurry and still want to look stylish. The “Chelsea” boot or more commonly known as the ankle boots was the remarkable invention of Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparkes-Hall way back in 1851.  And (you guessed it right!) the very beautiful queen was in fact the first person to publicise these boots. With such a royal lineage, it’s not surprising that the ankle boots are one of the most loved items in every women’s closet. A more cozy counterpart to it’s thigh-high version, these boots can be particularly daunting at times due to its schismatic design. So if you’re stuck in a style rut or run out of ideas, here’s a list of  9 outfits that you can style with your ankle boots. Read on!

1. With your jeans or pants

Wear your denim rolled up at the ends for an ankle peek-a-boo that’s all the rage right now.

Show a little ankle

Or if you have pants with zippers at the end, just let them loose over the boots for a unique carefree look.

Zipped up jeans with booties


2. With stockings or leggings

Combat boots are a chunkier version of the ankle boots. And this season this classic is available in whites, greys and even marsala! Of course, sporting the black one’s too has it’s advantages. Wear your black boots over black leggings to give the illusion of longer legs.

Ankle boots with leggings


If leggings are not your option then stockings are the go-to this season. From printed to lace, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Ankle boots with stockings


3. With skater skirts

Ankle boots are a skater skirts best friend.

Ankle boots with skater skirt1

Accessorise with a fedora and a chic handbag to up the cuteness quotient.

Ankle boots with skater skirt 2



4. With midi skirt and socks

Searching for the best shoes to go with your midi-skirts? The ankle boots are your answer! From fur lined to stilettos to wedges its time to show of your hoards.

Midi skirts and ankle boots

Socks in your boots! No its not a cliché any more. In fact the old-school style is one of the trends that’s predicted to scorch the fall/winter runways this year.

Ankle boots with socks1     Ankle boots with socks2


5. With your favourite maxi dress

Maxi dresses look even more gorgeous with ankle boots peeking out from in between. With so many options at your disposal, you’ll feel like playing dress up everyday!

Ankle boots with maxi dress1          Grunge look with ankle boots and maxi

Do it like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and strut the vintage look with a pair of floral maxi and beige riding boots.

Rosie huttingten whitley in ankle boots and maxi


6. Ankle boots for the office

Ankle boots can be incorporated into your corporate look to create some fabulous office friendly outfits.

Ankle boots for the office1

Pencil skirts in geometric prints or hand woven embroidery are a huge hit this season. So don’t be shy to wear your ankle boots with these either. Only thing to keep in mind is to avoid wearing darker shades of ankle boots like black or navy blue as this would lend an illusion of a heavier bottom. Instead stick to beige or grey.

Ankle boots for the office2


7. With your knits

Ankle boots are synonyms of fall. So your cardigan plus jeans plus neck scarf combo just screams sweater weather.

Ankle boots with knits




8. With your summer dress

Ankle boots paired with your summer dresses are a no-fail combination. Don’t the pictures say it all.

Ankle boots with your summer dress



9. With sporty shorts

The sporty-chic look has been trending for a while and does not look like it;s going to go away soon either. News flash! Ankle booths go really well with your gym shorts.

Ankle boots with sporty shorts     Ankle boots with sporty shorts


Lace-ups, buckled, studded, metallic, luxe, leather, combat boots, the varieties are endless and one will be truly spoilt for choice when it comes to these unisex “booties”. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a pair right now and flaunt it with style!




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