9 Quick and Easy Ideas to Decorate your Bedroom

Vera Wang once said, “My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing, at least conceptually, if not literally.” And she is right. We spend so much time in our bedroom that it becomes our lair. And naturally, you’d want to decorate your lair so that it has a touch of “you”. Well, we are here to give you some simple ideas that’ll totally change your room’s look and won’t even cost you much.

So, without further ado, here are 9 simple ideas to decorate your bedroom.

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy LightsFairy LightsFairy Lights

Fairy lights is one of the simplest yet most pretty ways to decorate your bedroom. It looks elegant, it is easily available and easy to hang and manage as well.

2. Tumblr or Fandom Posters
Tumblr or Fandom PostersTumblr or Fandom Posters

Tumblr or Fandom PostersI think most of us are fans of something or someone. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to put up a few posters for your inspiration and get bonus points for glamming up your bedroom? You can also find great Tumblr quotes as posters and put them up on your walls.

3. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers have been said to attract good dreams and drive away your nightmares. Just looking at them gives one positive vibes and they look darn good against your bed, hanging on your bedroom door or your walls.

4. Wallpaper or Wall Art

Wallpaper or Wall Art Wallpaper or Wall ArtWallpaper or Wall Art

If you feel like you’re bored of looking at the same walls of your room, then you can spice one of them up by covering them with a unique and an artsy wallpaper, paint design or wall art designs that you can do yourself. There are also various textured walls that you can do to give your room a different look.

5. Canopy or Drapes

Canopy or Drapes Canopy or Drapes Canopy or Drapes

Sometimes, you feel like veiling your room and the best way to do it? Use a canopy or drape on your bed and against the ceiling.

6. Artsy Rugs

Artsy Rugs Artsy Rugs Artsy Rugs

This is even easier than fairy lights! It is so easy that all you have to do is go to the store and buy a rug and put it on your floor and voila! You have a new floor.

7. Polaroid Wall

Polaroid Wall Polaroid Wall Polaroid Wall

Do I even need to tell you about the wonderful joy that a Polaroid wall brings you? And when stringed up with the fairy lights that were previously mentioned, they bring you joy beyond words. They will remind you of all the great memories that have been captured in those pictures and the more memories you intend to create in your future years.

8. Simple photo frames

Simple photo frames Simple photo frames Simple photo frames

This may sound clichéd but trust me, there is nothing boring about this. Some iconic memories and your great friends deserve to be put up on your wall and looked at from time to time because reliving memories gives one happiness beyond words.

9. Bean Bags

Bean Bags Bean Bags Bean Bags

If you want to replace the chairs in your room for better space and a cooler look, replacing those old chairs with some new colourful bean bags sounds like a perfect idea. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs and match them with the other decorations in your room.

So, there you have it, folks! Here are some of the simplest yet chicest ideas to decorate your room into creating another vibe and design. It’s time to save some money and go shopping for your bedroom decor.

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