9 Ways to Smell Fresh and Avoid Vaginal Odour

Girls have often faced the problem of a foul smelling vagina that sometimes can lead to embarrassing situations where no one wants to picture themselves. A lot of women tend to overlook the most delicate part of their body which is always poorly ventilated and suffocated and needs just as much care, if not more, than the rest of your body which is exposed to the natural air and light. Vaginas are self-cleansing but the battle to win against vaginal odour can always be fixed and sped up with a slight change in your lifestyle.

Watch your hygiene

The vagina, rather the entire female genitals are always suffocated inside your underwear, causing sweat accumulation, increased chances of infection and the like.

1. Wash Regularly

v washclean and dry

Washing your outer vaginal walls and the vulva in general can help you fight the bacterial growth that springs up due to the accumulation of the white or yellowish curd-like discharge that comes out of the vagina or the sweat on the insides due to resistance, friction between your thighs and bad air ventilation. Washing with pH balanced vaginal washes easily available at drug stores or even grocery stores these days is best recommended for washing your intimate areas over other soaps which may only leave your valvular skin dry.

2. Trimming or Shaving of Pubic Hair


Though the intimate hair is present for protective purposes, they can be the things that hold behind the sweat and the moisture causing bad odour to stick to your intimate areas. Shaving the hair or trimming it, depending entirely on your preferences, you can control the smell that comes out of sweat and the little discharge which is common in women

3. Use wipes:

baby wipes

Occasionally using wet baby wipes can serve two purposes at once, cleaning as well as leaving behind a sweet refreshing smell. Do not wipe too hard or use try toilet paper to scrub your vulva because the skin in the intimate areas are very soft and delicate and chafing them would be very painful, especially if you sweat down there. Recovery would also take quite some time, so you have to be very careful to gently wipe in the correct places, and NEVER put them inside your vagina.

4. Apple cider vinegar bath



Adding two to three cups of apple cider vinegar in your warm water bath is a great remedy for smelly vaginal problems. Apple cider vinegar is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, also known to restore the acidic content of the vaginal flora which in turn inhibits bacterial growth or yeast infections.


Change Your Diet

You need to watch out for these things in your diet and lifestyle if you want a long lasting change in the problem that you face with the vaginal odour.

5. Keeping Hydrated

drink water

Drinking lots of water is very VERY important. It is known that drinking a lot of water keeps your lubricated and the odour diluted. So if you have consumed some strong flavours like garlic, asparagus etc, it is very likely that these flavours will be reflected in terms of vaginal odour. That’s just the way it is and to dilute it back to normal you have to drink lot water.

6. Adding fruits to diet like pineapple and cranberries

Cranberriesjpg pineapplebowl and spoon with joghurt


Even though these are not scientifically proven facts, but people who have tried it tell us that it works. But eating fruits like pineapple and cranberries can not only make your vagina smell better, but also taste better. However, a scientifically proven fact is that consuming yogurt, which is rich in probiotics help fight the chances of yeast infection in women which, again, causes foul smell in vaginas.

7. Avoiding High Sugar Foods and Red Meat


red meat

Foods with high sugar contents can risk you the chances of building vaginal yeast infection especially if you are  diabetic or pre-diabetic. Eating red meat also makes you sweat more and your sweat smellier. It also throws off your vagina’s pH levels. Vaginas are acidic in nature and these red meats make them more basic, contributing to the odour.


Other Changes

8. Proper fitted underwear
cotton underwear

Properly fitted underwear made of the right material, preferably cotton can improve breathing conditions for your intimate parts. Cotton is a breathy material, absorbs sweat properly whereas materials like silk and satin tend to trap sweat and urine remains inside them, being a major cause behind a bad smelling vagina. Stick to cotton as your everyday underwear material and wear silk, satin or lace only on special occasions to bring out the Aphrodite in you.

9. Quick solutions can include powders for intimate areas


Some powders are specially made for intimate areas. These keep the area dry and can prevent the smell for quite some time, making it easier to control the sweat as well as the smell.

ob gyn


However, all these steps are for those women who have a general problem with their vaginal smells. If you feel that none of these tips have helped even minorly in any way, and the smell is strong and pungent, do not hesitate to visit your obstetrics & gynecology specialist (OB/GYN)  and get checked for any possible infections or VD’s, because no one wants that even though they are easily treatable. Also remember, these are your natural bodily smells and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of but the choice is always yours. Now let the fun begin!

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