Royal 90s: The Best 90s Bollywood actresses who are still queening

The 90s was an epic decade. The ones born in the 90s definitely know why 90s was the best. From Bollywood to TV everything in Bollywood in the 90s was just more than fabulous. The Bollywood movies and the Bollywood celebrities who were reigning during the 90s were just impeccable. We bring a list of 90s Bollywood actresses who are still killing it with their style.

The 6 90s Bollywood actresses who always win our hearts are as follows.

1. Karisma Kapoor

90s Bollywood actresses

Karisma has to top this list, for sure. From being the decent and sober girl in most of the Govinda movies to being the hot chic in Dil To Pagal Hai, this girl has always won our hearts. And in this era also Karisma is killing with fabulous looks and outfits.

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2. Aishwarya Rai

90s Bollywood actresses

She is the eternal beauty queen and no matter about the year, she will continue looking pretty always. Be it looking vivacious in ADHM or making beautiful public appearances, she never fails to spread her beauty anytime.

3. Sushmita Sen – the leading 90s Bollywood actresses

90s Bollywood actresses

Just in case you missed her latest fashion show as being a showstopper, here is a picture. Sush slew in the 90s and Sush is slaying even today. These 90s Bollywood actresses are just unstoppable. She is too hot at this age too.

4. Preity Zinta

90s Bollywood actresses

The ultimate dimpled darling of Bollywood is too pretty and cute and there has to be a special mention of her in this list. She has always experimented with her looks, hairstyles, and also movie roles. She is such a charming diva. We still love to see her everywhere especially during the IPL. She was too fashionable in between the 90s and 2000s and she still is nailing everywhere.

5. Shilpa Shetty

90s Bollywood actresses

Whether being the simple girl next door in Baazigar to a gorgeous diva in Dhadkan, we have seen so many changes in Shilpa and we have loved every phase of her. Shilpa is ultra sexy and no doubt the fitness icon. We definitely feel that age has just stopped for Shilpa. She was rocking in the 90s and she is also rocking now.

6. Kajol

90s Bollywood actresses

We loved Kajol in ‘Mere khwabon me jo’ and many other leading songs of the 90s. We couldn’t get over her in K3G and also we loved her in the latest Dilwale. She is very charming and her charm is simply spread where ever she is.

These were some of the 90s Bollywood actresses who were popular then also and are popular now also. We really need to take so much inspiration from them that all you need is confidence to look good and consider that age is just a number.

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