A Parisian Delight: Tips to Pack for Paris- Part 2

Am I excited for the Parisian life? Hell yes I am! So, I had posted a list of clothing and footwear which you must carry on your trip to Paris and promised a detailed list for later. Since the packing will be in full swing so soon. Here are your some more tips to packing for the city I love. This is a more organized list with lots of basics and not so much. Yes the trip is nearing you know!

paris what to pack

Things to keep in mind:

Check your luggage allowance with the airline. If you are covering other nearby destinations, this is particularly important. International routes often have more luggage allowance than domestic. Make sure you pack your luggage in accordance with the minimum luggage allowed.

Pack for all weathers. Paris has a pretty unpredictable weather. It can get sunny, rainy and chilly all in the same day.

Pack in accordance with the local trips you might take. You may want a more classy attire for eiffel, slightly comfy and casual for the Louvre, touristy for the Versailles and the most lovely for when you explore the shopping districts. Yes, Sales assistants may judge you by the looks. Pack comfortable for Disneyland. Carry something decent with less skin show if you plan for the Notre Dame Church. It is a mark of respect.

Check with all other cities you might be visiting for the weather. It is advisable you must carry a pair of denims or comfortable pants for travelling etc. Dresses and skirts may not be very comfortable during rides, windy days or air travel.

Go light on packing the skin and hair care. Check with your hotel for the amenities they will provide before hoarding on heavy bottles in your luggage. DO NOT carry a lot of cosmetics with you, just try to bring a lot of them back with you. French skin care and cosmetics are some of the best in the World and you may get them cheaper in Paris than anywhere else.

Tips on what not to pack for Paris

High Heels         

Unless it is your best friend’s wedding in Paris or you’re going there for a fashion parade, I see no use of carrying high heels as a tourist. You may just end up damaging either your sandals or your foot. You will have to walk a lot, and believe me even flats do not accommodate that kind of walking. Packing along a good pair of shoes is a must.


You’d simply be occupying so much space in the luggage for no use. Most hotels give a hair dryer on request or it is mostly available in your bathroom amenities. Do not waste luggage space. You can rather carry along a nice straightener/curler

Blingy/ Over the Top Apparel

Paris dresses up elegant. Their sequince too would be never over the top. So unless it is a night party that you ought to attend, forget the bling


Do not carry too many accessories or Jewellery with you. Parisians accessorize only with small diamonds or basic accessories. Accessories end up adding a lot of weight, tend to break and tangle in the travel.

Large bottles of Cosmetics

I’d rather say you visit the City Pharma and buy them for yourself. If you’re staying in a good hotel in Paris they will sure provide bath amenities you would want to carry home. The risk is that the bottle may leak or burst due to air pressure in the luggage and god help what happens to the rest of your stuff.

So not you know what to fish out from your packed luggage and keep it away. I’d keep telling you more as I pack. Give me some tips on shopping there though? I’ll share some information I got very soon. So till then people – plan me my next vacation please? I love how fashion and travel blogging goes hand in hand.

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